Thursday, December 31, 2009

2009 Recap

I am taking this idea from my dear friend Alicia, who also posted about 2009...

January- I was entering into my 3rd trimester and was feeling great! I was starting to feel the load of being pregnant, but again, I felt great. My Mom had surgery, and that put allot on Jon and I to help with the kids getting to school and helping my mom in any way possible.

February- I was staring to feel that I was swelling more than I should, and with the absence of my OBGYN at every appointment I had that far, I found it time to switch to another OBGYN. I found Dr. Moola, and LOVED her!

March- The beginning of March is Jon's birthday, so we had fun celebrating that followed by a hospital visit. March 9th, I had a normal appointment that landed me in the hospital for high blood pressure, for 3 days. I was 34weeks. After my release, I was on bed rest, and in and out of the hospital for extremely high blood pressure and a strange, painful rash on my entire body. On March 30th, I went to my appointment confident they would induce me, and they did! I gave birth to Adah Jean Lee March 31st at 11:20 am. She weighed 4lbs 14oz, and beautiful beyond belief.

April- I was released from the hospital April 2end, and we were so thankful to be able to take our daughter to her new home! The 15th was my birthday, and we played it easy for the rest of the month due to my blood pressure still being very high.

May- Not much happened in May.

June- I was finally feeling "normal" and my blood pressure was finally settling down.

July- We did allot of work we had been wanting to do around the house that included our bathroom.

August- This was a tough month. It ended in a way that none of my family was not prepared for.

September- Was allot of what the end of August was. My family really came together to support my brother.

October- Jon and I celebrated our 4th wedding anniversary. It was so sweet to look back at the last 4 years and see all that God has done for us.

November- My family celebrated a difficult Thanksgiving with a family member missing from our Thanksgiving table.

December- We celebrated a casual Christmas as a family. We have been enjoying time off, and are looking forward to what 2009 will hold!

Bring on 2010!!!

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Adah's First Christmas Morning!!!

Here are some pictures of Adah's first Christmas. All the pictures of Adah are good, but lets face it, nobody looks good Christmas morning. =)

Adah basking in her new toys

Little do they know that the tea dress up party is next

Adah fell asleep in grandma's arm at the end of the day!

Monday, December 28, 2009

Adah's Christmas Pictures

Before we left for church Christmas eve, I took some pictures of Adah in her Christmas dress.

Monday, December 21, 2009

Family Tradition

This Christmas season has been so much fun with our Adah! Getting to see her reaction to things for the first time is just awesome! Jon and I both come from families with lot of tradition, so we are starting this year with traditions of our own, and mixing them with some familiar ones too!

Like opening up her clean freshly washed PJ's on Christmas eve, and going to Christmas eve service with our families. Something I grew up doing.

We started a few new ones too! We kicked it off with our 1st annual Lee Christmas dinner party with some close friends (pictures to come). It was so cool to see our friends who we have known for years starting their families like us! Seeing the Rancho Cucamonga lights was a new thing this year that will turn into a tradition.

One tradition we haven't done since I was little was going to Logan's Candy Cane demonstration. It is amazing! First of all, they are amazing gourmet candy canes that will blow any candy canes out of the water. Second, the demo starts with Jerry (the owner) with a big slab of hot peppermint candy that he forms into candy canes. They you get to a piece of warm candy cane. I promise you will never be able to eat a candy cane without thinking about Logan's candy canes.

They will be doing the demo's until the 23rd. The times are 5:30pm, 7pm, and 8:30pm. We are going tomorrow and I am so excited to see the demo and take Adah as we start this new family tradition.

You can find the directions here.

The beginning of the demo

Jerry and my Dad grew up together, so this is a familiar face

Forming the candy cane

The candy ribbon is really good too!

If you can, you should hop on over to the Logan's candy in Ontario, it is worth the drive!

Here is an article on Logan's.

Friday, December 11, 2009

So Fresh, So Clean

I love the smell of a freshly bathed baby, don't you? The irresistible smell of Johnson's baby lotion, (or whatever you prefer) the clean clothes, and the (not so much for my kid) freshly combed hair. Bath time is a magical thing! I absolutely love it!

The idea of giving Adah a bath is not my most favorite thing because of the process, but when she is in the bath, it is totally worth it. She LOVES baths!! I love watching her play, and talk to herself and splash around. She has so much fun!

One of the things people say about babies is that their so messy. I have always wondered why people say that. Aside from the occasional accidents, Adah has always been a pretty clean baby. Even her car seat is still in really good condition, and I have never cleaned it. that is all changing.

Because of Adah getting so mobile, I am noticing how dirty she is getting so fast. When she was really little, I could go two days, without giving her a bath. But now, I have given her a bath everyday this week. Throw baby food in the mix, and sometimes I think she needs a bath twice a day.

In the middle of the day I will pick Adah up, and her belly, and legs are so dirty. It honestly makes me laugh!

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

So Cute You Could Eat It!

I Love browsing! Its one of my favorite things to do to relax. I have not, until recently considered myself a creative person. But, when I look at some of the stuff on etsy, it gets the creative juices flowing! Some of the things I have found are just beyond anything I could ever attempt to do. Like this...

I simply searched, "kitchen," and found this cute apron!

I searched, "baby," for these cuties.

I LOVE looking at the baby headbands because I love making them, and get inspiration from looking at them.

These have to be my favorite of them all! These are soaps made to look like decadent desserts!

christmas Baking

I posted this last year, and personally, I really enjoyed it! So here it is again!

Thursday, December 3, 2009

It's The Holiday Season

I am in such shock that it's December. I know everybody says that, but I am truly shocked. I feel like it was not that long ago when we were in triple digit heat, and want this time to come soon. August to December seems like a blurry. It wont be long and we will be into 2010, and looking at new babies of friends, and of coarse Adah's 1st birthday. I will be even more shocked at how time flies when that comes around.

Time is such an interesting concept. As children we would look at time as an obstacle, now we look as it passes us by, and think, "how did I get here?" We as a society are obsessed with grasping every second out of our time but cramming as many things into it as we can. We have such a hard time just waiting to see what the Lord is doing. "I am waiting for the Lord, my soul is waiting for Him, and my hope is in His Word." Psalms 130:5 I know that is where my family is right now.

I never thought that we would have to go through such a dark time in our lives, or such a dark year for that matter. So much hurt is synonymous with the year 2009. Adah has been such a joy for all of us in need for distraction. We love looking into her eyes and seeing the joy on her face as she just looks at us. Her hope (for now) is in us. It's in us to care for her, feed her, and comfort her, love her. We are relaying on the Lord in the same way.

Our little family has been doing great! Adah is now 8 months old and I am loving every second being with her. She started saying dada. I LOVE it! We don't know if she really knows what she's saying, but every time I ask her where dada is, she looks at Jon. But then again, she will go up to the dog and call her dada. I, on the other hand, am anxiously awaiting her to say mama. It will happen soon enough.

I hope every one's Thanksgiving was wonderful! Please keep my family in prayer, the Lord knows the details, it is however, very painful.