Monday, January 25, 2010

January, oh January...

January is almost over, and I though this month was starting out pretty good as far as keeping up on blogging, and then teething happened...

Adah has always been a decent sleeper. She has had her days and nights figured out for a while, and makes her own napping schedule during the day. But a few weeks ago that all changed. She started throwing such a fit when we'd put her to bed. She, has always been strong-willed, but this was ridiculous. She would stand up right away and scream her head off. I tried a few nights doing the "cry it out" method, but like I said she is so strong-willed, and screaming for almost an hour and a half really wares on your nerves. Naps during the day were almost as brutal. But we could see how tired she was.

Then I started to think that this was not just that she didn't wan to go to bed. So, I looked in her mouth and sure enough, not one but two TOP teeth are looking like they want to cut. It looks like she is going to have the cutest little gap in her teeth! They haven't made their grand appearance yet, but they ARE coming.

The fussiness has cooled off a little, and she has been getting lots of hugs and kisses to make her feel better. She is doing much better!

I plan on posting a really yummy recipe for home made kettle corn soon too! It was pretty easy and a really good snack!

Thursday, January 7, 2010

The Art of Bread Making

I am not really big on new years resolutions, but this year I thought I would make one that would benefit my family. I decided that in 2010 I would resolve to making more homemade meals more consistently. My curve is not to make them healthy just for the calorie content, but for what is in it. Trying to stay away from preservatives when I can.

In my research, I stumbled on hillbilly housewife. It focuses on low cost food from scratch. On the website I found a recipe for bread machine bread.

A while back, a family member gave me a very clean bread machine. It looks like it is at least 10, or 15 years old, and had all the right parts but no manual. So I decided to give it a whirl.

I went to Winco, and got my unbleached flour, and my yeast. It was soooo inexpensive, and they had so many different fours to choose from. They even have whole wheat flour, and they general cost is about 30 cents a pound! So the whole thing costs roughly 35-40 cents per loaf!

I have made a loaf everyday this week. I have also given a few away. I ran out of flour, so I dont think I'll be making any tomorrow. ;)

If you know me you know I love YouTube, so I looked up some YouTube videos on it. I also googled recipes and found some here.

This was my "prettiest" loaf

I used an electric knife to cut it and I got really nice looking slices.

I'd say that is a good step in the right direction for my resolution. If you are looking for a bread machine, I have seen them at Walmart for $54.99. Or, you could just ask a family member you know that has one to use it.

A Trip To The Getty

We recently ventured over to LA to see the Getty museum. I have been there a few times with my parents and Dirk and Alicia before and really enjoyed it, so when the opportunity arose, we jumped on it!

This is the reflection of Adam and I as we sipped our coffee before we went in

This is a frame for a French painting. The painting was good but the true treasure was the frame that was most likely carved Michelangelo! By far out of everything in the museum, this was by far my favorite!

This was a painting of two heads. Morbid, yes I know.

A weird but cool bust.

This is what Jon really liked. This is a painting of David holding Goliath's head.

Another Bust

Rembrandt's paintings are what is being featured right now.

Funny story, Adah was really good, but when we were in a room with an echo, she would start talking loudly, or screaming because she liked the sound.

Aside from having amazing art the Getty itself is so beautiful.

Blurry LA skyline.

If your ever wanting to visit a museum, the Getty is a sure place to visit. It is beautiful inside and out! You could even go to have a picnic. Oh, and did I mention its free? Well, it is! You can find all the info here!

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Mama's Girl

Adah has always been a baby that will go to just about anybody. When we are in social situations if somebody wants to hold her they will put out their arms and Adah will go to them. She has always been like that. In the jr. high ministry, I will often say to Jon, "Where is our daughter?" because she is usually passed around by the counselors. I really like that I can go and not worry about her freaking out. When we get home however, its a completely different story.

We have always joked that Adah is a Mama's girl, but it has recently hit a new level. She is so clingy lately I don't know what to do. Its not like I am working and away from her 8+ hours a day. I am with her 24/7, with the exception of about 4 hours (maybe) a week. I can be in the same room as her and she will freak out (tears and all) if I'm not right next to her. I just don't get it.

What makes me sad is that she is doing this with Jon as well. If we are all together and Jon decides to take her with him to another room, She will cry like she is never going to see me again. I feel so bad for Jon, but he is such a good sport about it.

I know that she is only this age for so brief of time, but it is really waring on my nerves because she has so many people in her life that would love time with her.