Thursday, January 7, 2010

A Trip To The Getty

We recently ventured over to LA to see the Getty museum. I have been there a few times with my parents and Dirk and Alicia before and really enjoyed it, so when the opportunity arose, we jumped on it!

This is the reflection of Adam and I as we sipped our coffee before we went in

This is a frame for a French painting. The painting was good but the true treasure was the frame that was most likely carved Michelangelo! By far out of everything in the museum, this was by far my favorite!

This was a painting of two heads. Morbid, yes I know.

A weird but cool bust.

This is what Jon really liked. This is a painting of David holding Goliath's head.

Another Bust

Rembrandt's paintings are what is being featured right now.

Funny story, Adah was really good, but when we were in a room with an echo, she would start talking loudly, or screaming because she liked the sound.

Aside from having amazing art the Getty itself is so beautiful.

Blurry LA skyline.

If your ever wanting to visit a museum, the Getty is a sure place to visit. It is beautiful inside and out! You could even go to have a picnic. Oh, and did I mention its free? Well, it is! You can find all the info here!

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Frau Guten Tag said...

I've been to it once when it was in Malibu & once in LA. I like it a lot, need to go again sometime.