Sunday, January 13, 2008

Thanksgiving and a Cruise

Thanksgiving is one of my all time favorite holidays! It is not only the food, but the time you get to spend with your family and just reflect on what the Lord has done in the past year. Okay, I know I'm sounding like a hallmark card, but I'm serious! 
This year my family proposed an idea of going on a cruise for Thanksgiving. At first I was not really into the idea of a cruise, just because its not home and I LOVE spending Thanksgiving at home.  But, along with Thanksgiving, it was my brother Adam's birthday, and he really wanted to go. So when it was decide that the whole family was going then I started getting excited. Even though we were not going to be at home we still had each other (there I go with the hallmark thing again). And to make things better, Jon's mom, and dad decided to go. So the ten of us all went on a cruise. It was really fun!!!

Sunday, January 6, 2008


Since our anniversary is in October, holloween was shortly after that.  This year we really wanted to carve pumpkins, so we did!  Abbie gave us a hand to show us how it's done.


Recently, Jon and I celebrated out 2nd anniversary.  We decided this year we wanted to get away for a few days, and just do nothing (as that is hard to come by these days). I found a great deal on in San Diego.  It was wonderful to sit back, relax and reflect on all the Lord has done for us in the last 2 years of our marriage. It was much needed!

In the gas lamp district, we found this great pizza restaurant that was alot like CPK.  The food was great and dessert was even better.  At the end of the menu there was this Sunday that look AMAZING, it was a wine goblet, on a plate, covered in chocolate, carmel, and nuts.  We don't usually order dessert, but in this care we couldn't resist.  And it was just like it looked.  AMAZING!!!

We also went to an aquarium that was close to our hotel in La Jolla.  I didn't get very good pictures because of the darkness in the aquarium.  But that was really fun aswell.

The most amazing part of our trip was knowing that we were put together by the Lord and we can give glory though our relationship.

First Entry

Well, this is my first entry on mine and Jon's blog. I have wanted to set up something like this for a while, not just for our friends to keep up on, but also for Jon and I.  I guess almost like a digital scrap book. 
My goal: to keep this blog updated on thing that are new in our lives.  Please feel free to drop us and line and tell us how things are with you!
About us: 
Jon is 24, and a full-time youth pastor at Harvest Christian Fellowship. He has been on staff as a Jr. high pastor for over a year now.  He enjoys spots (playing them, not watching them, except soccer), such as basketball, soccer, football, and GOLF. He is very busy, but loves what he does.
Alyssa (me) is 22 and works part-time as an office assistant, loves helping Jon in Jr. high, and currently I love making our apartment a home.