Wednesday, September 14, 2011

CVS Couponing Trip

Okay, so while the rest of the drugstores were having a pretty boring week, CVS was pretty good!! I guess it's all in what your looking for.

They were having a sale on Air Wick products. Originally the couponing web sites were saying that product that was on sale for $7.99, then a $4 off, which is pretty good. But then on top of that, if you spent $20 on that product, you got 10 ECB's back. That made the deal even better.

When the circular came around, people were discovering that a) the ECB deal worked for the $4.99 Air Wick kit, b) also the $4 off coupon worked for the 4.99 Air Wick kit, and c) if you bought 4, even though it only rings up to 19.96 it still gave you the ECB's!!! So essentially this could be a money maker of $6.04 after sale, coupons, and ECB's!!

Unfortunately for me, I could only get my hands on 2, but I still got a great deal!!

This is all the stuff I got. Before sales and coupons, it rang up to over $38.

These were the 4 Air Wick products I got.

This was on sale for .99, i had a .75 off coupon making it .24!!!I was so glad that this went on sale because we were out.

So here's the breakdown...

4 Air Wick products at 4.99 = $19.96
-(2)$4 off coupons = $11.96 before tax

Dawn Dish soap at .99
-.75 = .24
For everything = $12.20

-5.99 previous ECB's I had.

My out of pocket cost with tax was $7.83!!

But 10 ECB's printed out on my receipt!!

PLUS- a $4 off 20 coupon printed on my receipt too!!

This also sets me up for an amazing deal next week on diapers where I plan on paying less than $3 a pack!!

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