Friday, January 23, 2009

Trials, and Thorns.

 This month is has been really busy. Lets start with my Mom's surgery. She had surgery January 13th, to have a hysterectomy. She came out well, and went home at the time the doctor anticipated she would come home. While she was in the hospital, however, there was a lot of juggling with pick-ups and drop offs of my sister, and carting my grandparents to the hospital. During all of this, I didn't feel like it was a big deal, but at the end of the week, I was wiped. We got through it just fine!

 Wednesday of this week, I started feeling the onset of a cold, a cold that Jon had the previous week. I stayed in bed most of the day until I had to go to church to sing. I didn't get a seat in time to sit in the sanctuary, so I sat in the musicians room. While I was watching the service, my dad texted me, and told me to call him. When I did he told me that my grandpa had fallen and couldn't get up, so they were calling the paramedics. It turns out he broke his hip.

 What can I say about the Lords timing, except that it is just that, the Lords timing. Here I was at church listening to James McDonnell give a message about trials, and how as a believer, if you haven't gone through a trial, or were not in one now to watch out. I was thinking, okay, I am in neither of those positions, and during the message I got that text.
 This is truly a trial for my family, not only did my mom just recently have surgery, and my grandpa bake his hip, but it has taken two days for them do surgery for a hip replacement , because he has had bad EKG tests, so the doctors have not felt good about performing surgery while his heart is weak. So he is in a lot of pain waiting for this surgery. We went to see him today, and because he was still waiting to have surgery, he hadn't eaten all day, and in his words he was "starving." I was so happy he even had an apatite, I really wanted to go get him an In
 -in-out burger (his favorite). 

 Thankfully he is in surgery right now, so please pray he comes out of the surgery healthy, and fine. He has a long road ahead of him with recovery, so in James McDonld's words this is truly a thorn, and trial that is persistent. And please pray for my mom to continue to heal from her surgery. We are all being tested, or tried in some way right now, and my prayer is that of Job 23:10, that we shall come forth as gold!

 AS for blogging, I fully intend to get some posts up soon. I have a recipe I have been wanting to post since new years. Oh, and we have a sonogram on Monday, that because of all the recent events I have been forgetting about. As it is getting closer, I can't forget about it, we are so excited! I promise to have some pics posted when we get them, and some belly shots!

Thursday, January 8, 2009

At 26 week? Really?

 Well, I am currently 26 weeks pregnant, and have gloated the whole way through about how little pregnancy has effected me. I can defiantly say that has changed. I feel as big as a whale, I am starting to swell on occasion, and I am now experiencing morning sickness. Yes, now at 26 weeks, morning sickness. I have not been able to eat much the later half of the day, and smells are driving me crazy. 
 I am again finding myself ridiculously tired, and not wanting to do anything. The house has been a bit of a mess, but I am finding time to not let it get any worse. Jon has been so helpful and has no expectations of me as far as the house goes. He is always asking me what he can do to help. He is really making this an "us" experience, and not just a "me" experience. He is making this 100% easier on me. I am really blessed to have him in my life as my husband.