Monday, August 31, 2009

Hope Chest

 When I was about 12 years old my great (step) grandmother past away. She went peacefully in her sleep shortly after my great grandfather had died from lung cancer complications. They both lived on their own in a house close to my grandparents home. When They past we has the daunting task of cleaning out the house so that we might rent it out for the time being. 
 While we were cleaning out the house, there were a few things that I got to keep for myself. A portable TV radio, a few blankets, some old jewlery, and a few pieces of furniture. One piece of furniture that my mom insisted I keep was an old hope chest that had been in their patio for years. It was in decent condition considering how old it was. The only thing that needed work was the hardware on the outside of the chest. So I cleaned it up and there it sat at the end of my bed. 

 Every so often my mom and grandmother would give me things to put in the chest. I did as they asked, and would often put things of my own in the chest. As I got older, started to get sick of having it in my room. Especially when we moved, because my new room in the new house was smaller than my old room. But still, I kept it.

 I kept that hope chest even when I got married. When we finally moved into this house, the house we purchased, I realized I need a more permanent space for the chest. I thought about using it as a coffee table. But we have a decently nice coffee table. So as I thought about it I noticed Adah toys were piling up in the living room, and need a more permanent space.

 That's when I decided to use the chest as a toy box for Adah and put the things in the chest in a more permanent spot. So I started to clean it out.

 I found the things that I new would be in there such as my baby photo book and baby scrap book, some of my baby clothes, and some other odds and ends. But then I found the true treasure.

 I found the (Ugg like) moccasins that my mom and dad got me from solvang when I was one They teold me all the time that they tried them on me and I would not take them off o they had to buy them. I found some really cool antique white coffee cups, and dessert plates. I also found some mother daughter aprons that my mom and I had. But the really wonderful thing I found was an email from Jon when we were in our "just friends" stage. It was dated May 28th, 2001, I was 16, and Jon was 18, and getting ready to graduate. Three months into our friendship. And this is what it said.

 Hi bud,

 How was your day? Mine was decent, I worked for 10 hours today, and three hours yesterday. I am so stinking tired. It is like 12 right now, or close to it. I have a question, what time is your daddy speaking on Wednesday? Also, if your could pray for me as the door is opening for me to speak at a church for their jr. high/ Sr. high groups. I am excited, but it is in a couple of weeks on a Wednesday, do I will be stressed. To tell you the truth, God has opened my eyes to allot of things, and I am thankful for the people he has put in my life. The opportunities and to be bold and take them!

I missed you this weekend, and I am looking forward to seeing you tomorrow.

In Christ, 
Jonathan M. Lee

 When I read this, I didn't get emotional, but I became very thankful. That was before texting and we only emailed a few times. What I love about that email, was it was mostly about nothing, but the core was about ministry. Jon had such a desire even than to be in ministry and serve the Lord, that is still evident to this day and the Lord has richly blessed us because of it.
It was really cool reading it and looking at our daughter playing on the floor. She is just one of the great things that have come from serving the Lord.

 God is so good!

Sunday, August 9, 2009

In Transition

I am currently trying to re-vamp my blog. I have given it a new look that needs a little tweaking. I am also thinking about re-naming it.

So bear with me, I will have it the way that I want it in no time. I think that last sentence was reassurance for me more than anything.


Friday, August 7, 2009

A Peek of Whats to Come

 I was recently in the grocery store with Adah. When we were checking out the cashier asked me how old my little boy was? I politely responded, "She is 4 months old." Now I am fully aware that babies her age don't necessarily look like their gender and it is our job to make that obvious, which I didn't that day. Adah was wearing yellow and green. We were just going to the store so at the time it made no difference. 
 That's when I started thinking that I wanted to get Adah some cute headbands to make it "obvious" that she is in fact a girl. So I started pricing them, and although $15 does not seem like much, add in shipping and your looking at $20 for one headband. So I did the next best thing. I made a few myself. I absolutely love the outcome, and have decided that if any of my friends are interested, I will be selling them for $6. 
 I also made some infant beanies and because they are too small for Adah, I don't yet have a model for them. I don't know how much those will be because I just used some beanies Adah never wore so I'm unsure of the cost involved.

 I will be working on a separate blog to debut them on, and I am supper excited about it.

 These are just a few I have been working on. Let me know if you like them. I am very interested in feedback.

Its a nylon strap so they don't leave a dent in the head.

I'll be working on all kinds of colors and materials, and possibly Christmas one's too!

Monday, August 3, 2009

Baby Laughs

She just makes me smile!