Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Happy Birthday Adah!

I cant even believe that she is one year old!

She went from this...

To this.

Whenever I want to remember how little she was I watch this video.

Happy Birthday to my Sweet baby girl!!!

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Joshua Levi

A friend who was a graphic designer at the church, just gave birth to a beautiful little boy 10 weeks early. He has a lot of of prayer needs and I know it would bless Kelli and her husband Jeff if you would fervently lift their little guy in prayer! Our God is an amazing God and he can work miracles!

Special Day

Tomorrow is a very special day for the Lee family. Adah is being dedicated to the Lord. She will be dedicated at the 11:45 service at our church. My dad will be dedicating her and we are all so excited!
I am reminded of Hannah offering her first born, Samuel to the Lord and how that may have felt. She had promised the Lord after he blessed her with a son that she would give him back to the Lord. I love what a picture and example it sets for christian parents. We have been blessed to be parents, and now we give them back to the Lord. Obviously, this is not in a physical sense, but in offering Adah to the Lord, Jon and I are standing before the church saying with the body of believers, we will raise our child in the way of the Lord.
If you would like to see the dedication, again, it will be during the 11:45 service at Harvest Christian Fellow ship. Or you can watch it live here.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Adah Bites

When we first started feeding Adah solids I was really discouraged because she seemed to be very picky. I started by making her baby food, and she did not like it, then I tried the jared baby food and she liked it okay, but it made her smell for the rest of the day. I had a feeling that this might happy because if you know Jon and I well, you would know that we are both very picky eaters. I have to get creative around dinnertime at our house.

Then it happened one night we were at a favorite family spaghetti restaurant and I forgot baby food. At this point Adah had gotten use to the idea of eating with the family so she was not a happy camper when I had nothing to offer her.

My dad had suggested cutting some spaghetti up really tiny, and giving that to her. Well, I did that, and I have never seen her eat something with such passion. It became an instant favorite of hers. I honestly didn't think much of it because it was just plain spaghetti, nothing special. So I just decided that along with her baby food I would try and give her something we were eating as a habit.

After I started that I was amazed at how not picky she actually was. Avocado, hummus, meat, and apples are just a few of the foods she loves, most of them are high in protein, so that makes me a happy momma! She is defiantly enjoying her food to say the least!

I am slowly starting to wean her off nursing. She is obviously feeling more full, so she is naturally not wanting to nurse as much. I have yet to talk to the doctor about this, but I am feeling the need to wean, so thats what we are starting.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Apples to Apples

I have been on an apple kick lately. Since we have been giving Adah "real food" now, I am trying to incorporate a healthy snack that will satisfy the sweet tooth that we both like. I will sometimes pare it with some peanut butter, or laughing cow cheese and crackers. we both enjoy it, and it helps brake up the day so we are not starving by dinner.

I have never really cared about what kinds of apples I buy. Whatever looks good is what I have purchased. But funny about apples, I don't really like red apples. I don't know why, but every time I have one, I am not impressed.

I would usually buy the granny smith green apples, but those can be risky. You want the perfect blend of tart sweet, but sometimes, they are just plain sour. They can also have a weird consistency to them that I don't care for. But, nonetheless I would still buy them until I discovered Pink Lady Apples!

Pink Lady apples are unlike any other apple I have had. They excel where some other kinds of apples lack. They are consistent. You can pretty much guarantee that every pink lady apple you eat will taste just like every pink lady apple you have had before. They are sweet and tangy, crisp, and smooth. They live up to their name with the pink color, and are medium in size. I have not been able to find them at all grocery stores, but they are t most. Give them a try they are absolutely delicious!!!

What kinds of apples to you like?