Saturday, March 27, 2010

Special Day

Tomorrow is a very special day for the Lee family. Adah is being dedicated to the Lord. She will be dedicated at the 11:45 service at our church. My dad will be dedicating her and we are all so excited!
I am reminded of Hannah offering her first born, Samuel to the Lord and how that may have felt. She had promised the Lord after he blessed her with a son that she would give him back to the Lord. I love what a picture and example it sets for christian parents. We have been blessed to be parents, and now we give them back to the Lord. Obviously, this is not in a physical sense, but in offering Adah to the Lord, Jon and I are standing before the church saying with the body of believers, we will raise our child in the way of the Lord.
If you would like to see the dedication, again, it will be during the 11:45 service at Harvest Christian Fellow ship. Or you can watch it live here.

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