Thursday, May 28, 2009

Adah Update

I am in constant awe of how fast Adah is growing! When she came home from the hospital she was about 4 1/2 pounds, and now she is well over 8. We will get her exact weight on Tuesday, at her 2 month pediatrician. She is smiling, cooing and locks her eyes on things that catch her interest. 
 We have reached two mile-stones this month. She dosn't cry when she is changed, and when she has her bath. While she is being changed, she loves looking at the blinds on the window in her room, as well as looking out the window. she will just lay there while we change her and talk to herself. It is adorable! She also has a doll that she LOVES she lays in her pack and play and talks to her. 
 She has learned very fast that she is the boss, and she has an opinion about EVERYTHING! It crakes Jon and I up, and freaks us out at the same time.
First bath time without crying!

SHe loves her bouncer.

Her beloved blinds. Sorry about the poop in this shot. She needed a bath after this.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

The Nurturing Abbie

Since we have brought home Adah, I have noticed this natural ability in Abbie to calm Adah. She is so gentle with her and Adah responds to her so well. Adah will sleep for hours on Abbie's chest.
I was never really worried about how Abbie would do with the baby because she just has than calmness to her in, but it has been a big transition for her being the baby of the family to now being an aunt. She was nervous when Adah was born about holding her because she had never held a baby that small before, but I can honestly say that Abbie is natural. She is going to be a wonderful mother someday.
I was even able to leave Adah with Abbie while I went to the doctor last week and felt completely comfortable about leaving her alone. I am so thankful that I have the ability to leave her with someone who loves as much as I do.

Saturday, May 2, 2009

 I was recently introduced to this web site via my dad. As we all know Brittany Laurie's daughters (Stella, and Lucy) always have fabulous bows on their heads that are absolutely adorable! I have always wondered where she got them. Turns out most of them she made herself. She has a website that she sells them among some other really adorable baby items. Check it out for yourself.

I have the sling and Adah LOVES it!

This is the one I got!

 Oh, and the headbands she doesn't make are from, there is also a link on her website! The are really cute too!