Monday, September 22, 2008

Jenni's Shower

 This weekend we had our first big party at our house. What made this one different was we had it in the backyard. We have a nice backyard that was taken care of when we moved in, but 4 months later, we have only mowed the grass. So, Jon took that week off entirely, and we (mostly him) worked all week. 
 The party we had was a bridal shower for my future sister-in-law Jenni. I was really nervous and wanted it to be great, mostly because I wanted her to love it, and partly because it was most of the guests first impression of our house, and I wanted it to be a good one. We spent the week painting (that for the help Maddi, and Mariah) and cleaning, and Jon did his thing to the yards. He made it look so good, and I couldn't have been more proud of him.
 I would not even dream of taking credit for anything other than the house and the food. Everything else was Jana, Liz, and Kodi. These girls showed up early and left late. The tables and decorations were all them. It looked AMAZING, and Jenni said it was the best shower she had ever been to, which for all of us made all the work worth it! 

The finished table

All lit up

Jenni looking around.

The amazing Jana! This would not have happened without her and the other girls!

All those gifts were for Jenni.

Jon and Adam made our backyard look amazing with the lights.

Liz made the most PERFECT cake.

Most of the girls in this pic are in  the wedding.

Our Centrepieces.

Jenni was scared to open this one. It was from my mom.

First Day of Fall

 To my surprise and delight, the news anchor reminded me this morning that today is the first day of fall. I am so excited because I have so many fall decorations that I need to get out. This also includes my favorite soup pot. It is the shape of a pumpkin with a matching ladle. I just love it! 
 Theses are just a few of the many things I love about fall.

  1. The homeyness that the decorations bring to home
  2. The food (dad, tell me what everyone brings this year to pumpkin day)
  3. Pumpkin spice lattes
  4. Christmas soon approaching
  5. Our anniversary (3 years this year)
With that said, I leave you with pictures from our wedding!

Our wedding was Fall themed

All the guys

All the girls

Saturday, September 13, 2008

New York, New York

I am so excited! We are going to New York for our vacation/ anniversary this year. I am shopping for tickets right now. They are really reasonable considering we are going next month.
My mom and dad, brother, and sister are going so we are hanging with them. We are also going with the Harvest Crusade, so it will be really cool to see the city with "harvest people." It is really the best way to travel, because you will always see, or be with someone you know. We have gone to other crusades that have been out of state, and we were really excepted well. It will be really interesting to see how we will be accepted in NY.
Now it's time to brush up on all my NY movies/TV shows. Felicity here I come!

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Congrats JJ, and Kristin!

 JJ, and Kristen are great friends of ours that we met about a year ago. They had just moved jobs from Texas to Riverside, and wanted to get involved in the youth ministry at Harvest. JJ is the men's resident director at California Baptist University, and was the resident director at a men's college in Texas. Kristin is studying for her masters in christian counseling at CBU.
 They first invited us for dinner at their place to get to know each other. It is always a good excuse to have dinner with a couple that is our age and in the same place in life we are.  We had a great time. They are really hospitable, not to mention their apartment (they live on campus) is absolutely adorable, it looks like it is strait out of an ikea catalog. Since then, we have gone on quite a few dinner dates, and have had them over alot in the past year, and visa versa.
 Since I have been pregnant, there are a lot of people that I know that are popping up pregnant. It is really exciting because, for the most part all of us are first timers. Jon was talking to JJ a few weeks ago, and just out of the blue he said Kristin was pregnant. I cannot even begin to tell you how excited both Jon and I are. Our friends that we are pretty close to are going to experience the same thing we are. Kristen is a few weeks ahead of me, and we are both due in April. 

Congrats you guys! We are so happy for you!

Monday, September 8, 2008

So So Week

 Well, morning sickness has hit full force. I am constantly feeling sick in some way or another, but this my forth full day of feeling sick 24/7. Also, I feel like I can't get anything done because of the fatigue, the only thing that I am getting done is laundry because I can do it over a long period of time. I tried to clean the living room this morning, but it was left half done, and me left feeling completely done.
  I am glad we are painting our kitchen, it needed to be done, but it is taking so much longer than we anticipated. It can only be done on Jon's days off, so that leaves Tuesdays, and Thursdays the only days when it can be done. I am so over it because all the kitchen counter top things are all in the living room which is driving me crazy because I want everything to be in it's place. Poor Jon, he is really taking my uneasiness really well, considering that I am the one that wanted all this done in the first place.
 On other news, I have lost my phone in all the madness of painting the kitchen. I always Church it next to the microwave, and ever since all that has been moved, my phone is MIA. I have a lot of friends that only have my cell #, so if you are one of those friends I am truly sorry. I am looking for it everywhere! I cant call it though because the battery is dead by now. I am so frustrated and can't even put it into words. I really hope next week is a little better.

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Labor day Project/ Home tour

Jon and I have been wanting to paint since we bought our house, especially the yellow kitchen. We decided that since we have three days off this week, and a bridal shower that is quickly approaching at our house, now is the best time.
I am really excited to see the finished product with all the furniture back in place. I will have pictures to follow. 
Another reason why we decided to paint was homedepo was having a good sale on paint, so we got enough for the kitchen, living room, and hallway.
 The second picture is half of our living room.

The third  is my favorite part of our house, it is in the kitchen, and behind the sink. Jon is currently painting it right now.

 Our house is very vintage, and I love that about it! It was built in 1923, and has so much charm we fell in love with it the first time we saw it, and we are so thankful that the Lord has blessed us with it.