Tuesday, July 26, 2011

My version of Extememe Couponing

What would your guess be as to how much all this cost me?

First, let me tell you how much it cost before savings

2 small boxes of cheese it's = 4 boxes for $5 on sale
2 small boxes of wheat thins = 4 boxes for $5 on sale
1 box of Kotex $3.49 on sale
1 package of pens $1.99
1 half gallon of milk $ 2.29

Like I said, I have been couponing. In my research of getting good deals I started looking at TheKrazyCouponLady.com. The main driver behind The Krazy Coupon Lady is Joanie Demer. You may remember her on the first episode of Extreme couponing. She is the one who made us all cringe as she went "dumpster diving in that adorable Anthropology jacket. She has a great web site and a book, "Pick Another Checkout Line Honey." I absolutely love her and think she is adorable! I have signed up for her daily email, and get all the great deals spelled out for me.

I also get a daily email from faithfulprovisions.com, and the frugalgirls.com. All of this is so helpful because they do all the match ups for me.

So this week I planned out my CVS trip, and tees he above deals are the deals I got, but because CVS has extra care bucks(ECB), I was really able to keep my out of pocket (OOP)really low.

The whole point with ECB's is to use them, along with coupons to make your OOP to a minimum. They are printed on your receipt so you can't use them on the same transaction.

So this is the breakdown...

I went into the store with $8 ECB from a previous shopping trip so my goal was to keep my OOP really low.

The 4 boxes of crackers were on sale for 4/$5, but I also had a $1 off coupon. It also came with 1 ECB
.75 each

The box of U Kotex was on sale for 3.49. I had a $1 off coupon. It came with 2 ECB.

The package of pens was 1.99
There was no coupon for these, but I did get $1.99 back in ECB.

1 half gallon of milk was 2.29
Because I had a whole 8 ECB from my last shopping trip, I needed this trip to be big enough to use the whole amount at one time. and we needed milk lol!

So my OOP for all 7 items was $3.19!!! A savings of 72% before sales and coupons!!! I also got 5 more ECB on my receipt!!!

Way Overdue Post

This update is WAY overdue, but I promise with good reason. Having 2 kids has been a HUGE adjustment. I really wasn't ready for this adjustment. I thought it couldn't be harder than it was being on beseech with a 2 year old. HA!!! What the heck was I thinking!!! There have been a few reasons as to why it's been a big adjustment.

Jude has been such a blessing. He is sleeping well, and has been since we brought him home. So that in itself have made things easier. But, Adah has defiantly had some trouble adjusting to a new baby. Not in the way you would think, sibling rivalry is not the problem. The problem is that I don't have her attention as much as before, and she is taking advantage of that. I am always having to be a step ahead of her. She is really smart so this is not an easy task, and it is very tiring! This is also a reason I haven't been blogging as much.

We are also in the midst of potty training. This is a blogpost in itself, but she is doing excellent! I have some pretty hilarious stories too!

I have been couponing lately. We don't have cable, but I have heard of Extreme Couponing and was really intrigued. While I was trying to find some episodes online, I found a whole lot of info on it. Long story short (blog post soon) I started applying the info, and I have been saving quite a bit of money.

So I guess this is just a preview blogpost! ;)

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