Thursday, July 24, 2008

Keep Pastor Greg Laurie, and his Family in Prayer

Statement on the Passing of Christopher Laurie, Son of Pastor Greg Laurie
July 24, 2008Christopher Laurie, son of Pastor Greg Laurie and Cathe Laurie of Harvest Christian Fellowship in Riverside, California, died Thursday morning in a car accident. A resident of Huntington Beach, Laurie, 33, served as the art director at Harvest Christian Fellowship for the past three years.In addition to his parents, Christopher is survived by his wife, Brittany, and daughter, Stella, as well as his brother Jonathan. Christopher and his wife are expecting another daughter in November.Memorial plans for Christopher are pending. More information will be posted to the Harvest website as details become available. You may pass along condolences and thoughts for the Laurie family by posting a comment on Pastor Greg's blog by clicking here.In lieu of flowers, Harvest Christian Fellowship has established the Christopher Laurie Memorial Fund in memory of our friend, co-worker, family member, and brother in Christ. Proceeds from the fund will go to Brittany Laurie, Stella Laurie, and the soon-to-be daughter in order to assist them financially.To make a donation to the Christopher Laurie Memorial Fund, you may make a credit card donation by clicking here. You can also make out a check to Harvest Christian Fellowship with the notation "Christopher Laurie Memorial Fund" on the memo line.

Saturday, July 19, 2008

New Toy

So excited! I have needed a new computer for the past year now. I had a laptop iBook G4, and I loved it, but now I am in need of a new computer. Well, though a series of unfortunate events, I can't use my current computer AT ALL! So.... Jon gave me the okay to get a new iMac. But.... what is really cool is right now you can get a free iPod with the purchase of a computer! Score!

Since we have moved our office is still in need of setting up. So, that is my project before I get my computer. I will post pictures of our office when it is decorated.

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Meet George

For those of you who didn't know, Jon and I got a new kitten.  We got him the day before we moved into our house.  we were a little worried about how Chloe would do with him, but I am happy to say they get along great! He and Chloe play constantly. As a matter of fact, it is really nice because when we are gone for long periods of time, Chloe acts like we were never gone because she has George to look after.  He has gotten quite a bit bigger since these pics, so I will have to post some new ones soon!

Saturday, July 5, 2008

I Love Target

I am like most women when I say that I love Target. There is something about their AMAZING designs and their decent prices that just makes me go crazy about the place. I think most all of our furniture, and most all my clothes are from Target.

Let me pose a question... How is it that you can go to Target and have a list of about 5 items that equal about $25, most likely being bathroom products, and end up with twice as many items and spending around $100? Oh, and forget all about they bathroom products that you will have to make another trip to get, thus starting the process all over again.

We just recently moved and decided in the move to get rid of our microwave. It is really small and does not match any of our small appliances. So last week we decided it was time we go and get the microwave (being that it has been 4 weeks since we have moved). we went to look at them in the BACK of the store and along they way we picked up some laundry detergent, and the cute Real Simple organizations stuff, and a candle. Well, I didn't like what was there so we decided to pass. on the was to the check out we managed to pick up some BBQ stuff, body wash, a case of water bottles, and some other stuff that I can't even remember, all totaling around $80. So went didn't get the microwave, but spend that money anyway.
Can anyone tell me how this works?

Friday, July 4, 2008

Viva Las Vegas

We recently took a trip to Las Vegas. The reason for our trip was to lay by the pool, EAT, and get my mom's mind off the fact that my dad was in Africa (yes, Africa).

These are a few of the pics.

This is a good one!

Adam, don't egg him on.

Jenni going a little nuts after the long car ride.

Abbie and Jon, although the title should read, "Jon and his funny face."

Mom trying to have a good time, while missing my dad.

We can never take decent pictures because Jon ALWAYS has to make a funny face!

Our hotel 

Your castle awaits.
No really this was our hotel.


The water show, my favorite!!!

We had a great time!