Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Favorite Things: Baby Shoes

My dad is a big Keen shoes fan. So when Adah was born they immediately started looking for baby Keens. Unfortunately, the smallest size they come in is 3. So we had to wait a while for her to fit in them.

I was happy that she got a pair just because they are cute, but I didn't realize how practical they are! They are the toddler wonder shoe. They stay on, they are waterproof, and they don't look like they are shoes she wares everyday. Plus, they are sandals but protect their toes. They are a bit expensive for baby shoes ($40-50) but well worth the money!
These are the pink ones Adah got.
They come in a wide variety of colors and styles.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

The Best Father

This is a couple days late, but not any less meaningful! Adah has the best daddy, and he deserves to be celebrated!

He loved his daughter before he knew her

Meeting her for the first time

Visiting at the office

He's a great nap buddy

A day at the beach

Just splashing around

We love you daddy... You are the best daddy to your girls. We couldn't ask for anyone better...
Happy Fathers day!!!

Monday, June 21, 2010

16 and Pregnant

Many don't know this, but my mom was adopted as a 15 month old baby. I have always had a special place in my heart for adopted babies. Jon and I would really like to adopt at some point. We recently looked into adoptions from China, but because of the cost, and the fact that so many kids in our own country need homes, we feel that's not what the Lord would have for us.

As Adah gets older (now 15 month) I cant help but think of what my moms birth mother went through to come to the point of giving her baby that she had for over a year up for adoption. She was very young (14) and the circumstances behind her decision made her feel that it was the right one. She had the opportunity to bless my grandparents (who could not have children) with a beautiful blond haired, blue eyed toddler.

As we have looked further into domestic adoption, I came across Bethany Christian Services. It is a christian based adoption agency that deals not only with foreign and domestic adoptions, but also pregnancy counseling. Something else that caught my eye was a link that Bethany Christian Services was an episode of 16 and Pregnant.

16 and Pregnant is a show on MTV that documents a young girls journey as they are pregnant at such a young age. I have seen this show a few times via and have been so saddened because most of the girls choose to keep their baby and the show documents the struggle of the girls becoming mothers, and wanting some kind of social life at the same time. Don't get me wrong I think what they are doing is so much more courageous than abortion, but these girls are obviously very immature to be having a baby and caring for it.

Catelynn is one girl on 16 and Pregnant that makes a different choice than the rest of the girls. She chooses to give her baby up for adoption. Bethany Christian services plays a huge roll in helping her give her baby to a very loving couple.

You can watch the whole episode HERE. I am warning you however, that this is not by any means from a christian perspective. The content is not anything shocking, but it is a production of MTV. If you do watch it, keep some tissues next to you because it is really a tearjerker with a wonderful ending.

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Girls Sushi Night

I have never been much of a sushi eater. I tried it once in Hawaii at a really good place, but all I got was sashimi. Not a great thing to start out with. I just remember eating it, and it having this melt in your mouth texture that I thought was very odd for meat. I am all about texture, so from that point on I wrote off sushi and something that I tried and didn't like.

Then my friend Karly invited me to a girls sushi night. I really wanted to hang with the girls, but didn't really want the sushi. So I said I'd go, and I did.

I just told Karly to order me whatever, and she did. Boy was I surprised. I really should have started with rolls, because they are amazing! I had a tiger roll, and that was pretty good, and a Mexico roll which was soooo good.

So, now I'm hooked! I think about getting sushi once a week. But I have yet to get it for Jon and I for 2 reasons: 1) I'm still not sure what to order 2) It's expensive.

The moral to this story is, dont write things off just because you tried it once.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Dinner Ideas

I haven't posted in a while. I guess thats what comes with a very active 15 month old.

Cathe Laurie posted a great easy recipe that I recently tried, and it was really good!

I will try to post soon and update on whats going on in the Lee home.