Thursday, June 17, 2010

Girls Sushi Night

I have never been much of a sushi eater. I tried it once in Hawaii at a really good place, but all I got was sashimi. Not a great thing to start out with. I just remember eating it, and it having this melt in your mouth texture that I thought was very odd for meat. I am all about texture, so from that point on I wrote off sushi and something that I tried and didn't like.

Then my friend Karly invited me to a girls sushi night. I really wanted to hang with the girls, but didn't really want the sushi. So I said I'd go, and I did.

I just told Karly to order me whatever, and she did. Boy was I surprised. I really should have started with rolls, because they are amazing! I had a tiger roll, and that was pretty good, and a Mexico roll which was soooo good.

So, now I'm hooked! I think about getting sushi once a week. But I have yet to get it for Jon and I for 2 reasons: 1) I'm still not sure what to order 2) It's expensive.

The moral to this story is, dont write things off just because you tried it once.

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