Friday, August 7, 2009

A Peek of Whats to Come

 I was recently in the grocery store with Adah. When we were checking out the cashier asked me how old my little boy was? I politely responded, "She is 4 months old." Now I am fully aware that babies her age don't necessarily look like their gender and it is our job to make that obvious, which I didn't that day. Adah was wearing yellow and green. We were just going to the store so at the time it made no difference. 
 That's when I started thinking that I wanted to get Adah some cute headbands to make it "obvious" that she is in fact a girl. So I started pricing them, and although $15 does not seem like much, add in shipping and your looking at $20 for one headband. So I did the next best thing. I made a few myself. I absolutely love the outcome, and have decided that if any of my friends are interested, I will be selling them for $6. 
 I also made some infant beanies and because they are too small for Adah, I don't yet have a model for them. I don't know how much those will be because I just used some beanies Adah never wore so I'm unsure of the cost involved.

 I will be working on a separate blog to debut them on, and I am supper excited about it.

 These are just a few I have been working on. Let me know if you like them. I am very interested in feedback.

Its a nylon strap so they don't leave a dent in the head.

I'll be working on all kinds of colors and materials, and possibly Christmas one's too!

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Alicia said...

First of all, we all know Adah is adorable but she is just gorgeous in those photos. The headbands are super cute and I might have a model for those beanies in a few months, although I guess Jana is a better candidate. They're really cute. Good job :)