Sunday, January 6, 2008

First Entry

Well, this is my first entry on mine and Jon's blog. I have wanted to set up something like this for a while, not just for our friends to keep up on, but also for Jon and I.  I guess almost like a digital scrap book. 
My goal: to keep this blog updated on thing that are new in our lives.  Please feel free to drop us and line and tell us how things are with you!
About us: 
Jon is 24, and a full-time youth pastor at Harvest Christian Fellowship. He has been on staff as a Jr. high pastor for over a year now.  He enjoys spots (playing them, not watching them, except soccer), such as basketball, soccer, football, and GOLF. He is very busy, but loves what he does.
Alyssa (me) is 22 and works part-time as an office assistant, loves helping Jon in Jr. high, and currently I love making our apartment a home. 

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