Thursday, January 7, 2010

The Art of Bread Making

I am not really big on new years resolutions, but this year I thought I would make one that would benefit my family. I decided that in 2010 I would resolve to making more homemade meals more consistently. My curve is not to make them healthy just for the calorie content, but for what is in it. Trying to stay away from preservatives when I can.

In my research, I stumbled on hillbilly housewife. It focuses on low cost food from scratch. On the website I found a recipe for bread machine bread.

A while back, a family member gave me a very clean bread machine. It looks like it is at least 10, or 15 years old, and had all the right parts but no manual. So I decided to give it a whirl.

I went to Winco, and got my unbleached flour, and my yeast. It was soooo inexpensive, and they had so many different fours to choose from. They even have whole wheat flour, and they general cost is about 30 cents a pound! So the whole thing costs roughly 35-40 cents per loaf!

I have made a loaf everyday this week. I have also given a few away. I ran out of flour, so I dont think I'll be making any tomorrow. ;)

If you know me you know I love YouTube, so I looked up some YouTube videos on it. I also googled recipes and found some here.

This was my "prettiest" loaf

I used an electric knife to cut it and I got really nice looking slices.

I'd say that is a good step in the right direction for my resolution. If you are looking for a bread machine, I have seen them at Walmart for $54.99. Or, you could just ask a family member you know that has one to use it.


Darcy said...

That's one pretty loaf of bread!! Good for you for making bread from scratch!!

kayellen said...

Looks yummy Alysaa:)


Kim said...

so you inspired me to try to make bread. I went to Wincoe today and got everything to make my own bread. Now I just have to get my bread machine out (that i've never used and is brand new) and figure out how to use it....hopefully i'll do that real soon:)

Jon and alyssa said...

Kim, I have found that the recipe's on the web site I listed, is really versatile with bread machines. Good Luck!

the wells said...

Wow Alyssa. Awesome :)

P.S. i noticed you had my old blog on your list, and my blog url changed!

Here is the new one:


Jon and alyssa said...

Thanks Christina! I was wondering why I couldn't see your blog!

Hope all is well ;)