Monday, January 25, 2010

January, oh January...

January is almost over, and I though this month was starting out pretty good as far as keeping up on blogging, and then teething happened...

Adah has always been a decent sleeper. She has had her days and nights figured out for a while, and makes her own napping schedule during the day. But a few weeks ago that all changed. She started throwing such a fit when we'd put her to bed. She, has always been strong-willed, but this was ridiculous. She would stand up right away and scream her head off. I tried a few nights doing the "cry it out" method, but like I said she is so strong-willed, and screaming for almost an hour and a half really wares on your nerves. Naps during the day were almost as brutal. But we could see how tired she was.

Then I started to think that this was not just that she didn't wan to go to bed. So, I looked in her mouth and sure enough, not one but two TOP teeth are looking like they want to cut. It looks like she is going to have the cutest little gap in her teeth! They haven't made their grand appearance yet, but they ARE coming.

The fussiness has cooled off a little, and she has been getting lots of hugs and kisses to make her feel better. She is doing much better!

I plan on posting a really yummy recipe for home made kettle corn soon too! It was pretty easy and a really good snack!

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