Friday, December 11, 2009

So Fresh, So Clean

I love the smell of a freshly bathed baby, don't you? The irresistible smell of Johnson's baby lotion, (or whatever you prefer) the clean clothes, and the (not so much for my kid) freshly combed hair. Bath time is a magical thing! I absolutely love it!

The idea of giving Adah a bath is not my most favorite thing because of the process, but when she is in the bath, it is totally worth it. She LOVES baths!! I love watching her play, and talk to herself and splash around. She has so much fun!

One of the things people say about babies is that their so messy. I have always wondered why people say that. Aside from the occasional accidents, Adah has always been a pretty clean baby. Even her car seat is still in really good condition, and I have never cleaned it. that is all changing.

Because of Adah getting so mobile, I am noticing how dirty she is getting so fast. When she was really little, I could go two days, without giving her a bath. But now, I have given her a bath everyday this week. Throw baby food in the mix, and sometimes I think she needs a bath twice a day.

In the middle of the day I will pick Adah up, and her belly, and legs are so dirty. It honestly makes me laugh!

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