Monday, December 21, 2009

Family Tradition

This Christmas season has been so much fun with our Adah! Getting to see her reaction to things for the first time is just awesome! Jon and I both come from families with lot of tradition, so we are starting this year with traditions of our own, and mixing them with some familiar ones too!

Like opening up her clean freshly washed PJ's on Christmas eve, and going to Christmas eve service with our families. Something I grew up doing.

We started a few new ones too! We kicked it off with our 1st annual Lee Christmas dinner party with some close friends (pictures to come). It was so cool to see our friends who we have known for years starting their families like us! Seeing the Rancho Cucamonga lights was a new thing this year that will turn into a tradition.

One tradition we haven't done since I was little was going to Logan's Candy Cane demonstration. It is amazing! First of all, they are amazing gourmet candy canes that will blow any candy canes out of the water. Second, the demo starts with Jerry (the owner) with a big slab of hot peppermint candy that he forms into candy canes. They you get to a piece of warm candy cane. I promise you will never be able to eat a candy cane without thinking about Logan's candy canes.

They will be doing the demo's until the 23rd. The times are 5:30pm, 7pm, and 8:30pm. We are going tomorrow and I am so excited to see the demo and take Adah as we start this new family tradition.

You can find the directions here.

The beginning of the demo

Jerry and my Dad grew up together, so this is a familiar face

Forming the candy cane

The candy ribbon is really good too!

If you can, you should hop on over to the Logan's candy in Ontario, it is worth the drive!

Here is an article on Logan's.


Hazeleyessue said...

We just went to Logan's last night and saw the demo...I will never eat a cold candy cane again! :)

Robyn said...

We were just there last night! I had never been and it was great. Have fun!