Thursday, December 31, 2009

2009 Recap

I am taking this idea from my dear friend Alicia, who also posted about 2009...

January- I was entering into my 3rd trimester and was feeling great! I was starting to feel the load of being pregnant, but again, I felt great. My Mom had surgery, and that put allot on Jon and I to help with the kids getting to school and helping my mom in any way possible.

February- I was staring to feel that I was swelling more than I should, and with the absence of my OBGYN at every appointment I had that far, I found it time to switch to another OBGYN. I found Dr. Moola, and LOVED her!

March- The beginning of March is Jon's birthday, so we had fun celebrating that followed by a hospital visit. March 9th, I had a normal appointment that landed me in the hospital for high blood pressure, for 3 days. I was 34weeks. After my release, I was on bed rest, and in and out of the hospital for extremely high blood pressure and a strange, painful rash on my entire body. On March 30th, I went to my appointment confident they would induce me, and they did! I gave birth to Adah Jean Lee March 31st at 11:20 am. She weighed 4lbs 14oz, and beautiful beyond belief.

April- I was released from the hospital April 2end, and we were so thankful to be able to take our daughter to her new home! The 15th was my birthday, and we played it easy for the rest of the month due to my blood pressure still being very high.

May- Not much happened in May.

June- I was finally feeling "normal" and my blood pressure was finally settling down.

July- We did allot of work we had been wanting to do around the house that included our bathroom.

August- This was a tough month. It ended in a way that none of my family was not prepared for.

September- Was allot of what the end of August was. My family really came together to support my brother.

October- Jon and I celebrated our 4th wedding anniversary. It was so sweet to look back at the last 4 years and see all that God has done for us.

November- My family celebrated a difficult Thanksgiving with a family member missing from our Thanksgiving table.

December- We celebrated a casual Christmas as a family. We have been enjoying time off, and are looking forward to what 2009 will hold!

Bring on 2010!!!


kayellen said...

Happy New Year Alyssa :)
Each day is a new day in our Lord!

Blessings to you and your family,


Frau Guten Tag said...

Dr. Moola was my OB/gyn too! She's so nice. Was it Carstens you went to first??

I ended up with emergency c-section for Joseph's birth & Dr. Moola did a great job with that too. My blood pressure had been fine throughout my whole pregnancy but while in labor it was super high & my kidneys shut down & I had a fever. It was kinda scary, then Joseph's heart beat kept dropping & finally after over 24 hours of labor & me not dilating past 3 cm & his heart rate dropping several times they did an emergency c-section & it was all over at last!