Thursday, December 3, 2009

It's The Holiday Season

I am in such shock that it's December. I know everybody says that, but I am truly shocked. I feel like it was not that long ago when we were in triple digit heat, and want this time to come soon. August to December seems like a blurry. It wont be long and we will be into 2010, and looking at new babies of friends, and of coarse Adah's 1st birthday. I will be even more shocked at how time flies when that comes around.

Time is such an interesting concept. As children we would look at time as an obstacle, now we look as it passes us by, and think, "how did I get here?" We as a society are obsessed with grasping every second out of our time but cramming as many things into it as we can. We have such a hard time just waiting to see what the Lord is doing. "I am waiting for the Lord, my soul is waiting for Him, and my hope is in His Word." Psalms 130:5 I know that is where my family is right now.

I never thought that we would have to go through such a dark time in our lives, or such a dark year for that matter. So much hurt is synonymous with the year 2009. Adah has been such a joy for all of us in need for distraction. We love looking into her eyes and seeing the joy on her face as she just looks at us. Her hope (for now) is in us. It's in us to care for her, feed her, and comfort her, love her. We are relaying on the Lord in the same way.

Our little family has been doing great! Adah is now 8 months old and I am loving every second being with her. She started saying dada. I LOVE it! We don't know if she really knows what she's saying, but every time I ask her where dada is, she looks at Jon. But then again, she will go up to the dog and call her dada. I, on the other hand, am anxiously awaiting her to say mama. It will happen soon enough.

I hope every one's Thanksgiving was wonderful! Please keep my family in prayer, the Lord knows the details, it is however, very painful.

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