Thursday, November 12, 2009


I have recently taken to sewing. I got my brother's sewing machine from the garage, and started playing with it. As with all my projects, I watched as many videos on sewing on YouTube as possible. I have once in my life taken on a sewing project, and it was only with close supervision that I completed my first pair of homemade pajamas when I was 12. I never got to sewing the buttons on, but none the less I made it thus I loved it!

I went to Joanne's one day just to look. I got so overwhelmed by everything that I almost just left. But I stumbled on a fabric that I LOVED! It was a fabric that I had seen used for a Nursing cover, so I used it for just that! I used corset boning for the neck line, and got the D rings from eBay. I made a nursing cover that was at Nordstrom for $35, for a fraction of the price. The most expensive item was the thread, but I have made 2 nursing covers with it and so far I still have plenty.

While I was looking for free patterns, I stumbled across this website for sewing. It has free patters, and other patterns moderately priced. But it also has tutorials for different sewing techniques. It is social networking for people who like to sew!

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