Friday, December 12, 2008

Office Pictures

 As most of you know we recently worked on our home office. We have been planning on doing this for a while and finally got it done as I posted before. Well, I have been trying to get some pictures organized on my computer and thought I would post the office project process.

I was taking a nap on one of Jon's days off, and heard him doing something in the office, and when I came to look he had the whole room empty. I was shocked because there was a lot of stuff in there as it was our storage room for a while.

Then he started to paint

George had a good time "helping" Jon, and exploring.

We knew there were hardwood floors as there is in the whole house, so Jon decided to refinish them. He hated the carpet in that room.

He stained it an ebony stain. We wanted it to look distressed.

Then we got the furniture from Ikea. I have to say, I think Ikea had couples in mind when they designed their furniture assembly, because we didn't get in a fight. It was so easy!

This is my desk. I need to get some more current pictures of all the stuff in there.

For some reason Chloe won't walk on the floors. I think she has undiagnosed OCD. She is so weird about surfaces.

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