Friday, December 12, 2008

Our Chrsitmas Tree

 Shortly after Thanksgiving, we (I) put our tree up. I had my brother re-arrange the furniture in order for our tree to be in the front window. I have been visualizing this since we bought our house. 
 One of the great aspects of our tree, like every tree is the ornaments. Every year I think that I am going to do a themed tree, but then I get out the ornaments, and they are just so special to me. Here's why... For our wedding, it was in October and it was close enough to Christmas that I thought that it would be great if we had people bring an ornament. So we put little cards in the invitation requesting if they would like to help our Christmas tree ornament collection to bring an ornament with them. At the reception, we had a Christmas tree set up for the guests to put the ornaments on.
 The reason I love our ornaments is, every time I decorate the tree is brings be back to our first Christmas together with our first tree. 
 I know I have a picture of the tree we had at our reception, but I can't find it. Another reason why I am organizing my pictures. 

These are some of our favorites. Sorry most of them are blurry.

This is Jon's fave, because his best friend when he was a kid gave this one to him. I try to move it to the bottom every year but he finds it and outs it front and center for all to see.

I love these ones because they are so cute!

This is Jon's, you can't see it but it says 95' on it.

I like this one, again, because it's cute!

On the other side of this one it says 93' on the back.

For obvious reasons this is my fave!

And here we have George shortly after discovering the tree.

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