Saturday, December 13, 2008

Oh So Good

With the anticipation of everything Christmas, I especially love Sierra Mist's Cranberry splash soda that is only available during the Christmas season. It usually comes out in September. Jon and I had to pick up some drinks for a party we were going to in September, and when i saw them in the soda section I was so excited! So, Jon being the wonderful husband he is, did what any husband of a craving pregnant woman would do. Buy as many as he could.

Being pregnant this year, I especially love it because it is caffeine free. I have had my coffee in the mornings and such, but I have cut down quite a bit on the caffeine intake. The whole idea that I love this soda is so funny considering I NEVER drink soda. I prefer water or tea.

The saddest part about this obsession is how it comes to an end. It is rare that i find this soda in stores this close to Christmas. I have found a couple of 12 packs at target and staters, but I CANNOT find the 2 litter bottles. I think the sad aspect of this is that I want it for Christmas day. I have a 12 pack that I am storing for Christmas day. but I don't think that is enough. :o(


jonna said...

Oh man, I LOVE that stuff. The only time I've ever had it, I got it out of the soda fountain at the little Target cafe thing. Then the next time I went to get some, it had mysteriously disappeared. It's so good!! I'll have to get some at the store. yay.

Darcy said...

After reading your post this morning before church, it gave me a craving for this stuff! I haven't had any yet this year. So when the girls and I went to Walmart after church, low and behold, there were a ton of 12 packs!!! Now all I have to do is wait for a can to chill and then I can enjoy! :)