Monday, May 30, 2011

Birth Story

Well, I'm keeping to my word and posting my birth story...

As I had mentioned, on Sunday, I went to the hospital to get checked out because my blood pressure way too high. They ended up sending me home, and by Tuesday, I was back in L&D due to my OB sending me there. I waited most of the afternoon there being monitored and having my blood and urine tested. Everything came back normal but my 6pm that night my doctor decided to induce me. I was 38 weeks

If I haven't mentioned it by now I will. I LOVED my OB! I felt like he was so on top of all my complications and took all the precautions needed for my case. My previous doctor was good, but looking back I feel like she was a little too inexperienced for as many complications had, thus things got really out of control. From day 1 my doctor has been so aware of of my medical needs. It really has a lot to do with his years of experience. He has literally delivered thousands of babies.

So around 6:30 he came in and said that he had spoken to my high risk doctor, and they both agreed that even though I was not dilated or effaced, we were going to go ahead with the induction. He said we could wait until my cervex was softened, but at this point with my blood pressure in the condition it was in, I was a ticking time bomb for developing preeclampsia.

So they started the induction at 7pm with cytotech, (a little pill they put on the cervex) and got my IV going. The doctor didn't think I would have him until the next afternoon at the earliest, so he prescribed a sleeping pill for me.

At about 10pm my Mom went home, and I was getting really sleepy so I told Jon to go home and get some rest too. I wasn't having ANY contractions and I wanted him to be able to get some rest as well. Being the good husband he is, he didn't leave until 1am because he wanted to make sure I was good and asleep.

A luck would have it almost as soon as he left I started having contractions. They weren't horrible, but I couldn't sleep through them, so I started practicing my relaxation techniques with them. They continued to get stronger and stronger. Because I was so uncomfortable, and moving around so much, I couldn't get a good reading as to what my contractions were at on the monitor, but being that my labor with Adah was so much longer, I thought I was being a wimp and they weren't as bad as with Adah. So I "sucked it up."

By 4am I decided to text Jon to tell him they were getting pretty bad and just to be on alert. I still had the mindset that it was not as bad as Adah. Keep in mind, my labor with Adah was 21 hours from the time the started the induction, AND I was dilated to 2.

At 4:29am my water broke so I texted my Mom and Jon. Jon was already getting his things to go, and making sure Adah was okay (she was sleeping at our house with Adam staying with her) so thankfully he was on his way.

He arrived at 4:49am and I was in a lot of pain. He sat with me for a few contraction until the nurse came in and said that they were getting the labor room ready, and that I would not be able to get an epideral for another hour. When she left I told Jon I didn't think I could wait that long. She also checked me and I was still only at 4cm.

The nurse came in with a wheelchair, and in between contraction I got up to get in the chair and I had the feeling of everything inside me dropping. As soon as I started to sit down in the chair, a really strong contraction came on and I just started screaming "I HAVE TO PUSH!!!" The nurse quickly told the other nurse with her that the baby is coming and they needed to get me to the other room fast. A they were tuning down the hall I am still primal screaming! They got me into the room, and I got up on the bed, and Jon said he could see the baby's head.

I had one contraction with pushing that was not getting me anywhere, so the nurse told me how to grab my legs and push. The next contraction I pushed once and they were telling me the baby was coming, and I pushed again, and at 5:09am he came "sliding" out.

The doctor hadn't even gotten to the room yet so the nurse had to deliver him. Luckily, he was doing a C section, so he was there. As soon as he came in the room, he said "was that you I heard singing in the hall?"

It was all so fast, my Mom didn't even make it to the hospital. With this labor from the start of my induction to when he was born was 9 hours! My water broke a little more than half an hour before I had him! That was a HUGE difference from Adah. When my water broke with her, I didn't have her for another 5 hours.

So I got to experience a pain meds free birth! Its funny how we have our way of things in our heads of how our labor is going to be, but God has his own plan. And in the end I got me SWEET baby boy!

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