Monday, March 14, 2011

Lets Do Lunch

Going grocery shopping is a love and hate thing for me. I love filling out fridge and pantry with food and having that feeling of accomplishment, but I really don't like going grocery shopping. When I'm in the store, I get really overwhelmed. In my head I want stretch my dollar as far as possible, but that is a daunting task by itself, even when I have a list. I just got the grocery IQ ipad app for my ipad, so I'm gong to see how that goes.

I have a hard time menu planning in general, for a few reasons... 1) Jon is gone 3 (sometimes 4) nights a week. So I'm not going to cook a whole meal for just Adah and I. 2) like I said before, I get really overwhelmed, and end up forgetting something. 3) This is the biggest. I like to include (like most people) every meal, breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Breakfast is easy, but lunch really throws me for a loop. I never know what to make. I am so sick of sandwiches, and being that I can't eat cold meat, it limits my options even in that area. And, we are not really salad eaters.

So, I am curious... What do you do for lunch at home?

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Mrs. Hachee said...

I have the same problem! So I started making a small serving of pasta and put cheese on it- my favorites are CoJack or Mozarella. Soup and Salad is also wonderful! I try to think "If I could go out to lunch, what would I order?" and I let the preggo cravings take me from there...

Sweet Melissa said...

I love egg salad and Chicken salad. You don't have to eat them on bread, you can eat them with crackers or celery. We make our chicken salad with grapes, pineapple and slivered almonds. It's so yummy! Also I bought a steamer basket (it looks like it's made out of wood or bamboo), it makes steaming veggies so quick and easy. You just set it over some boiling water and let it steam for about 10 mins or however long until the veggies are tender and you can do anything with them. It's easy and healthy! :-)

Alicia said...

Lunch is also my nemesis. Dirk comes home for lunch almost every day so there's even more pressure to have something good to eat.

One thing we eat a lot of is baked potatoes. I always keep frozen chopped broccoli or broccoli florets in the house. I just cook that up really quick, pop the potatoes in the mic (or oven if I have planned ahead), then split them open, load them with cheese and broccoli. I've also found that instead of putting butter in it you can put a little milk and it helps create a creamy texture without the added salt and fat. Also, Trader Joes frozen brown rice is a life saver. Cook it in the mic for three minutes then you can add cooked frozen veggies and/or chicken and teriyaki, or broccoli and cheese, etc.

I seriously do hate doing lunches though, especially for Kenzie.

I saw a recipe for the other day for banana dog bites that Adah might like.

Keep us updated if you find other great things. :)

Frau Guten Tag said...

I know the feeling, it's a love hate thing for me too.

Please let me know how you like that app!

Well, menu planning doesn't work at all in my house--I have two grown stepkids that eat dinner with us very randomly & it's really hard to plan for ever. I always try to have enough food in case they show up & then we have leftovers if they don't! That's the best I can do with the situation. I have tried & tried to find another way but nothing else works. But it makes planning impossible.

My husband does cook, usually on the weekends these days. And he always makes these really elaborate lunches. I guess it's the way I was brought up, but for me I like to keep lunch simple & save the more elaborate stuff for dinners. For me personally lunch is usually a sandwich (grilled cheese, tuna, egg salad, something like that) or a wrap, or a quesadilla or burrito.