Wednesday, March 23, 2011

32 Weeks

Yesterday I had my OB visit for them to check m y blood pressure, and again, it was borderline. When my doctor came in he asked how my blood pressure has been and I said, just that, it was borderline. So he said to up my dosage to every 6 hours, of the medication I have been on.

He is concerned about my blood pressure, but I did bring up the fact that I I am having very minimal swelling. I can still wear my wedding ring, and it's not tight. With Adah I started swelling at 25 weeks and had to get a fake ring, and was pitting by 33 weeks (you could press hard on my leg and he pressure would leave a temporary pit). That right there is a good sign!

So now I'm assuming that I will be going to my OB once a week from here on out. You would think that if they want me to rest they would have me going to three appointments in one week every week. Sometimes I think that can contribute to my blood pressure being high when I get there.

Adah has really been acting out the last few weeks. I don't know if it's because I have to leave her more than normal, (not like she doesn't LOVE spending time with her grandparents) or it's because she scenes a big change happening. Everything is a fight with her. I have been reading a few books on parenting, and they advice that in a loving and controlled way, spanking can be a tool for certain punishments. Everyone has their opinions on spanking, and I respect that, but for us it does work. However, society doesn't condone spanking of any kind, so when we are out in public it is really hard to be consistent in our discipline. So it's even more important that Jon and I are 100% consistent at home.

I have 1 more appointment for this week, and then we start all over again. I'm feeling a lot more relaxed as the time passes. Yes, I'm getting very uncomfortable, but the idea that the baby could come at anytime because of my condition is not as scary the further we get.

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