Monday, March 21, 2011

Big Family Changes

The last time my grandpa came to my parents house for a visit was July 5th. Being that the 4th was on a Sunday, the church staff was given Monday off. My grandparents came and we had a BBQ with the family. It was nice and relaxing, and created for great memories. Obviously we had no idea that 20 days later, my grandpa would pass away.

My grandparents have always wanted to move closer to my mom and dad, but they have been living in their house for 50 years (I think) and that kind of change has always intimidated them. On that day, we deiced to look at a couple of houses in the neighborhood just up the street. One was a foreclosure that was in not great condition, the other was in pretty decent condition, but was a short sale. No one was living there so we decided to just look anyway through the windows. It was beautiful! 3 bedrooms, 2 bath, with a pool. Everyone just loved that house! But, again, it was a short sale so no effort was made to look into it any further.

With the rapid decline of my grandpa's health, it was forgotten...

Fast forward 8 months later, it had become very evident that my grandma's living conditions needed to change. She was having a hard time keeping up with her house, and got into a car accident, and can no longer drive. Being that they live 30+ minuets away without traffic, if has been extremely difficult for my mom to care for her in the way she needed. She has been staying with my parents for over a month now, due to the fact that she can't drive. We had looked into 55+ apartments and such, but my grandma, the money savvy lady she is, found it pointless to pay that much money when she didn't get to own anything.

Last week we caught wind of a few houses for sale in the neighborhood. So my grandma (on her own) called up a real estate agent she has know for years to come and show us the houses. I say on her own, because my grandma hates being pushed to do anything, so her calling him up was a huge step. They looked at two, one being a scary house up the street that still had people living in it, and the beautiful house we looked at with my grandpa. It had gone into foreclosure, and when the bank gained it, they painted it, put new carpet in, and cleaned the pool to sparkling condition. It was again, beautiful!

Like I said, my grandma hates being pushed, but the agent was very real with her in saying, its a great property, and the price is great too, so you need to do something now because it won't last. So my grandma put in an offer, and her agent wrote a letter to the bank about her circumstances, and how my mom lives in the neighborhood.

We were all praying not that she would get the house, but if it were the Lords will, He would make it very clear. The next morning, her agent called to say they should up the offer a little bit, and by noon, he told her that she got the house! Not 24 hours later, and she was signing papers!

To make it more evident that the Lords hand was in this, she decided when she was making the offer to put up her house for sale in Montclair, and it was to go up on Friday. To all of our shock and amazement, it was sold by noon on Friday! And.... She sold it for more than she bought the house in Riverside for! We have been so thankful for the Lord's hand in this, and I know it will make my Mom's live a whole lot easier, just in not worrying about her, and being that 30+ minutes away. Not she's only 3+ minuets away!

Please keep us in prayer as we move her to Riverside. It will be hard on her and all of us as that was the home that we all grew up at, and the home my grandpa passed away at.

Delight thyself also in the LORD: and he shall give thee the desires of thine heart. Psalm 37:4

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