Thursday, January 13, 2011

Kids Room Ideas

Where we are going to put 2 kids has been on my mind since before we got pregnant. Our house has 3 bedrooms, but is on a funny layout. The 2nd bedroom is right down the hall from ours, and is Adah's room. The 3rd bedroom is much smaller and is off the kitchen on the other side of the house. I was having a huge problem putting the baby in there because of frequent night waking and it being so far, but I was also having a hard time seeing Adah in their also because its far, and close to the back door. So our solution is to put both kids in Adah's room and make the 3rd bedroom into a play room!
My mind has been turning as to how we were going to make it work. Over Christmas, Jon cleaned the room and put Adah's toys in there. She already knows that is her play room, and she loves it. Another aspect that is working well about this set up, is because its right off the kitchen, I can do things like dishes and cleaning and she is just an earshot away.

About a month ago I was trying to find a gender neutral fabric print that would be fun for the kids room. I really like owls, so I though I would incorporate owls into the theme. Then I found this! It the It's a Hoot fabric collection by Momo. I LOVE it! I love how fun and bright the colors are and it goes right along with my Owl theme.

This is the fabric that they both will have.

Adah will have the red and white as her dust ruffle, (I think, we'll see) and our boy will have the dark brown and white. So they are coordinating

I would really like to work one (or more) of these into the window coverings. The only unfortunate aspect about this fabric is it's pretty popular. It came out in September of last year, and it is already really hard to find all the fabric from one vendor to save on shipping. So my fingers are crossed!

We found this in white at Costco, but all of the furniture in the room is black already. So I did some digging and found this online in black for $ 100 less than at Costco!!! My sister spends the night often so this will be nice to have an extra bed. If the bunk bed with a toddler doesn't work out, (which it should because the ladder is removable) we can take one bed off and make is a single bed.

Even though our house is feeling smaller with the second baby on the way, I am really thankful God has blessed us with our own home, Jon and I really want to be diligent with what he has given us!

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christina said...

i love it alyssa, can't wait to see your progess. keep us posted :)

xo christina