Wednesday, January 12, 2011

In My Dreams

Today my Mom, Adah and I went to go spend some time with my grandma. We have been getting in the habit of doing that lately since my grandpa passes away. She lives in Montclair, so when we go we make a day of it, or at least a half day. I go out in the morning by myself, and help her with things around the house, then my Mom and Adah follow just before lunch. We have been going to lunch at this Mexican restaurant (Espio's) in the Claremont village. Every time we go there I always think to myself I want to go and spend an afternoon shopping, there is so much to keep busy. It's been a fun thing we have been doing bi-weekly.

After we finish eating, we will check out at least one store. It's really hard to boutique shop with a toddler, and my grandma. Adah wants to grab at everything, and my grandma gets tired very easily. Last time we went to a cute store with TONS of Christmas stuff. This time we went to an antique boutique and it didn't disappoint it had great stuff, but again, we had to be out in 10 minutes or less due to Adah.

After leaving the antique shop, my Mom suggested we check out a children's store she saw a few stores down. We walked in and I was already impressed because there was a play area for Adah while we shopped. The store was tiny so it really wasn't a big deal her playing on her own.

The shop (No Sugar Added) is absolutely delightful! I have never had so much fun going through a baby store. We were in there for more than 30 minutes, and Adah was so content playing with the toys. What I would assume as the store owner came out from the back with her adorable 18 month old Mackenzie. She and Adah played so well together as we shopped. The shop was a mixture of manufactured baby gear, and handmade items with a huge cloth diapering section. Everything in the store is echo chic.

After being in that store, I really started thinking about what I would do if time and money would allow. I would LOVE to open a boutique! Maybe with another friend with kids, but a store that mainly had children's stuff with a mixture of other common boutique stuff too. This place was SOOOO kid friendly. And I guess this women, has other kids too that are in school during the day, but her toddler spends the day with her at the shop.

The whole idea of having a place that you work doing what you love that you can incorporate your kids into is so great.

Like I said, if money and time were not an issue, that would be my dream.

The website is a little disappointing considering how great the store is, but they are also on FaceBook.
Oh, and I picked out my diaper bag in the store for our little boy. It's not very masculine, but I'm the one carrying it. Right?!

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