Sunday, January 9, 2011

How to Date Your Spouse

I follow a great blog called Tip Junky. It's a blog from a creative (girly girl) mother of 3 boys. She has all kinds of great tip, and advice for Mom's most of which is decorating and crafts. I have found it really helpful and fun.
She has started a new Monday project that is really interesting; Dating your spouse. I was very intrigued. She explains that early on in parenthood, she and her husband started a book and used it as their dating guide. It's more fun than anything, it has no spiritual connotation, but I thought it's great to revisit the beginnings of your relationship. Check it out. I am really interested in seeing how this goes!


Priscilla said...

the 1st one is a little scandalous! im excited! 3 cheers for investing your marriage1 thanks for sharing, alyssa!

Darcy said...

Oooo. I had to go check out her site and read the first assignment. I may have to buy the book and give it to my hubby for Valentine's Day, or our 15th anniversary in March.

Thanks Alyssa!

Alicia said...

We decided to do a once a week date too. It's a different idea but a once a week thing I saw on Simply Modern Mom. Sounds like fun. :)