Monday, November 29, 2010

More Hours in My day

WARNING: Due to the fact that it's late and I'm looking down the barrel of a very busy day in the morning, I am VERY sarcastic. Which is really funny, because sarcasm is one of my least favorite things about my personality, and have made a big attempt at sopping the habit. But for some reason tonight It has been unleashed!
I Am in serious need of more hours in the day. I feel like I am constantly going and I cannot seem to get ahead of things. Just keeping up, and not letting the house fall apart is a full time task. I have been up to quite a bit in my absence of blogging, but as my Mom and have said (yes, that's about the extent of my readers) I need to blog. I am going to take my Dad's advice, and blog about nothing.

Jon had a glorious 3 days off this weekend, and we both kept losing track of what day it was, but neither of us mind. We went to family functions, cleaned the house, decorated. It was really nice. We also spend alot of time with just the three of us which was also nice.

Adah is again, amazing me with her every so growing vocabulary. She was petting the dog the other day, and as I was telling her to be gentle, she blurted out,"soft" clear as a bell. She is in a completely different stage this Christmas than last. We have had to remove the ornament from her level of the tree, because she kept bringing me bulb ornaments, and saying, "ball" and then throwing them. We have had no casualties, but some close ones. Adah is in need of a haircut so badly right now, but I really don't want to cut her curls off. But seriously, a kid can only have a mullet for so long before the other 2 year old start making fun of her. : ) I am open to any advice anyone has for first haircuts. She doesn't like any strangers touching her, so this will be interesting!

I am now 16 weeks, and going to a doctor's appointment tomorrow. I am somewhat anxious about this one because I have had a tilted uterus, We haven't gotten to see the baby, which is KILLING me! I had seen Adah at least 3 times by this point, so to be almost half way though the pregnancy and only see the top of the baby's head is disappointing. The doctors said at the last appointment that it should correct itself, so I am really going to push for an ultrasound. Other than that I am feeling really good! Second trimester is seriously the best thing ever! I have more motivation to do things than when I'm not pregnant.

I am REALLY, REALLY, REALLY going to try to blog more this week. I really do have a lot of fun things to blog about. I have been making cute things, trying yummy recipes, and of coarse I need to brag, I mean tell about all the great deals we got for Black Friday!

Hope everyone has a wonderful Day!


Sarah said...

I guess you have three readers. Keep blogging.

Regarding the haircut, give her a lollipop and put her in front of a mirror. Or rather than a haircut, put it in a ponytail until the business in front grows out to match the party in the back. :)

Alicia said...

We need to get Makenzie's hair cut BAD. I'm going to have my Aunt Kay cut it but I have a friend that took her son, he's almost one, to one of those kiddie haircut places. They put them in fun little "seats" that they can play in. She said he didn't even pay attention to the haircut because he was honking the horn and "driving" the car he was in. She took him to Cool Cuts 4 Kids in Eastvale but I know there's also a Monkey Dooz in Canyon Crest. Both of them have websites if you're interested. :)

Frau Guten Tag said...

I'm a regular reader too :)

Darcy said...

Your Mama isn't your only reader! I read!

And your Dad is right, just keep blogging. Blog about anything and everything, random and specific. As you can see I sometimes do!