Monday, November 1, 2010

Catching Up

Today is the first day of November, which means I went the entire month of October without blogging. I do have good reason... For those of you who aren't friends with me on Facebook, I am pregnant again! Today I am 12 weeks, and I just had a doctor's appointment this morning and it took FOREVER. It was the "do all the blood tests" kind of appointment. But everything went well, and we got to see the baby's heartbeat on a sonogram. That's always very cool!

Adah is talking like crazy, she comes up with a new word everyday. Her new word is "no."She has no said it in defiance yet, but when I ask her if she's done eating, she say sweetly "no." For Halloween she was Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz, she looked so good! I will post a picture soon!

One of the reasons I have been so down on blogging, is not because of feeling sick, but because of fatigue. I have been so tired, and with a very active 19 month old it has been difficult to do anything. The last week or so have been much better, and I have been working on catching up with laundry, since then.

Adah will be taking her first airplane ride on Wednesday as we travel to Seattle for the harvest crusade this weekend. I am nervous, but I think she'll do great! If not, I have my secret weapon, a lollipop. : ) Pray for our trip, and for me to not over do it.

I am planning on putting up pictures soon!

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Frau Guten Tag said...

When I was pregnant with Joseph I was exhausted & nauseated the ENTIRE pregnancy. I can't even imagine having a toddler to deal with on top of that. That is VERY tough. Get as much rest as you can & make sure you aren't low on iron or potassium or magnesium, those can make you tired. And congrats again on the pregnancy, so exciting!

I am curious, did you coach Adah a lot on talking or did it just happen? Joseph has a handful of words he says (Gizzy-our dog, Ball, Daddy, Hi, Jesus, I forget what else) but he hasn't picked up any new ones for a while now & I have to admit I am really bad about being consistent with trying to teach him words. When I talk to him I always talk about shapes & colors, & what things are called, but I don't really focus in on specific words, I'm wondering if that's why he's slow at picking up new words, or will he just get it when he's ready? I know, I know, all kids are different, I'm just a perfectionist & wanting to make sure I'm not doing a bad job! :)