Monday, July 27, 2009

Got a case of the Mondays

Generally I love Mondays, and I have never really understood why people are not fans of Mondays. Even when I was working, I didn't love going back to work from a nice relaxing weekend, but I did love getting back into the swing of things. Now that I'm not working, I look at it as a chance to catch up on housework that has been neglected over the weekend. I even has a list (in my head) of things to accomplish on a Monday.

This Monday is totally different. With its twists and turns, I knew I was not going to get anything close to housework done so I hightailed it to my parents house to enjoy the "non-clutter," and maybe enjoy the pool. I knew that my Mom and Sister would enjoy seeing Adah too!
Last night we got the baby to bad just fine, and decided to rent a movie. Before the movie started we got the exciting news that some of our nearest and dearest friends, Dirk and Alicia, are expecting their first baby. So Alicia and I had a nice chat, and then Jon started the movie. I knew this movie was not the greatest, because some friends (including my sister) said it was stupid, and weird. Non-the-less, we watched it, and it literally scared me to death. The whole idea of the whispering people that the kids could hear but the parents could not is what scared me. So I went to bed with that on my mind.

I slept pretty good, and went to feed Adah at around (what the clock said) 2am. I thought it to be odd because Adah consistently wakes at 4:45, and I finish feeding her around 5, but I just went with it. Then a few hours later she started crying to I went in to get her, the clock said 7:28. That was a little bit early for her, but again, I went with it. I started to feed her when I heard Jon yell, "it's 9:02!" He ran out of bed and jumped in the shower, and got himself completely ready in 20 minutes.

Then later in the day, Jon called and told me of some other things that we have been working on that fell through. So needless to say, we have had a not so fun Monday, and to top it off I have a cranking headache. But, I am happy to report that through all the things we have been going through, Adah has been an angel.

Hope you have a better Monday that I have!

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Alicia said...

Thanks for talking with me last night. It's nice to have someone I can call who just went through it all. I'm excited to get all your advice. :)

By the way we watched that movie the other night. I was really into it and yes the voices were freaking me out but the end was so lame!