Monday, July 20, 2009

Summertime Blues

 I think I can speak for everyone and say that I am so over summer and this 106 degree temperature thing! When we had our nice cool June gloom, I did not complain, I was hoping it would last all summer. Bu, now I cannot escape the heat. A few examples would be:

Feeling like I can't escape the heat.

Feeling like it follows me into a cool house
Not even swimming makes me feel better
Going to the beach is not as enjoyable with an infant because I freak out about the                         sun exposure with her.
It's simply NOT FUN!

 On Sunday, I ad the great idea to go to first (7:45) service to escape the heat, but I, not being a morning person, decided to go with my usual plan of going to third (11:45) service. I got Adah in the hot car, blasted the air conditioning, and tolerated her screaming the whole time. When got into the parking lot parked, and I prepared to get out of the car, open her door, open the trunk, get the stroller out, put her in it, put our stuff in it, and get to the court (the overflow building) as fast as possible. I did all that until I looked in the trunk and the stroller was not there. We forgot to put it back in the trunk after a beach trip last week. 
 So, I got back in the car, turned it on, and lost it. Royally! Some may call me a wimp, but the stroller is a HUGE tool to make church going successful. Not to mention, I had nothing to cover her head with. So Jon came and rescued me, and I had a good cry and went home.
 I am just saying, this heat really messes with your head. Had this been a normal 80 degree day, I would have sucked it up and scooped up all the stuff and the baby and went in. 
 I guess I am going to just have to dream of those wonderful Autumn days to get me through the summer, or take a vacation to a cooler climate. 

 How are you dealing with the heat?

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