Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Keeping Track of my Water Intake

On Christmas day we decided to go to the movies. While in the movie, I had to take a restroom brake (no surprise there). On my way to the restroom, I was playing with my rings as usually, when i noticed that they were not budging, not at all. Backtrack to Christmas morning, my Mom and Dad got me a pair of Uggs. When I put them on they seemed a bit tight. My thought was I just need to brake them in. Well, when my rings wouldn't come off, I knew exactly what was going on. I did get my rings off by running them under cold water, but I was a little bit panicked to say the least.
I did some reading about the whole water retention thing and turns out I need to drink more water. Which makes complete seance because I am not a big water drinker, and I had soda all day. I was trying to get my fix of Cranberry Sierra Mist for the rest of the year.
Jon got me a Nalgene water bottle last summer for our camping trip. I love it and try to take it everywhere. The reason I love it is I can keep track of how much water I drink, to make sure I am getting enough, because I honestly, I never get enough.
I am taking this more seriously, I don't want to puff up like a balloon, and I don't want to have to cut off my rings.


Kim said...

I had to take my rings off early when I was pregnant so I just got a cheap diamond ring from target for like $5 dollars and wore that on my wedding finger. But it's always better if you can keep your real ring on:)

Robyn said...

Drinking a lot of water is hard for a lot of people in general let along when pregnant.

For me what helped was sectioning off the day and telling myself that I needed to drink a glass by a certain time. It really helped a lot.

Good luck!

Jon and alyssa said...

Those are good ideas. I need to get a fake ring. I am going to try and do the sectioning off times in the day (especially at work) to drink water! Good ideas girls!

Kristin said...

This is the reason why I got my wedding date tattooed on my finger. Josh never wanted me to take off my ring but I knew when I got pregnant with Aubrey it was bound to happen so I got a permanent ring when I can't wear my real one :)

Also not getting enough water can cause contractions too!

The Hanes Fam said...

I also wore a fake ring, and it's amazing now to put it on and have it slide off! I became painfully swollen the last few weeks of pregnancy. Put your feet up as often as you can and don't wear constricting shoes. I actually wore slippers to work the last few weeks because nothing else fit! Soaking in baths also helps, and will give you an amazing feeling of weightlessness that will be such a relief! Go easy on yourself and yes - drink lots of water!

mhcowen said...

Hi! I found your blog thinking you were another Alyssa that I know from Kim's blog...well, it was when you posted your chicken tortila soup recipe and I kept note of it and made it a few weeks ago. I wanted to say thank you for posting it, it was wonderful and I have passed the recipe on to my family who raved about it and said to say thank you! I wish you well with your first baby. What an amazing gift! Hannah

Robyn said...

It was nice meeting you in person the other day!

P.S. I left you a little something on my blog!