Saturday, December 27, 2008

10 of My Observations While being Pregnant...

  1. Back pain can be ignored
  2. You must always be aware of how your wedding ring(s) fit. You never want to be in a position to have to cut them off because of swelling.
  3. Use the restroom anytime you have a chance. You never know when you have to sneeze. :0(
  4. As big as you think your clothes are in the beginning, them seem really tiny later on.
  5. Boots feel tighter around your legs because of swelling.
  6. At night, you can never have too many pillows.
  7. You always feel hungry, especially when cookies are involved.
  8. You are not so worried about how your pedicure looks considering half the time you cant see your toes.
  9. In the laying position you feel like a beached whale.
  10. The bigger you get, the more you cant wait to actually hold you baby!


Kristin said...


Kristi said...

Hahaha! I remember those days! Although I had mine back to back so it seemed never ending. LOL!

Weekly News said...

Babe, you have been a trooper so far.