Friday, August 22, 2008

Top 10 Stupidest Baby Names

I was on a few different baby name websites, and there were the one leaving me feeling sorry for those kids. I am not even kidding, I found all these on and was amazed.


10. Remington

9. Hugo (sorry lost fans)

8. Gustav

7. Dudly (sorry Harry Potter fans)

6. Messiah

5. Quest

4. Brock (only because of our last name)

3. Nirvana

2. Astro

1. Ludvig


10. Charisma

9. Eartha

8. Lucinda

7. Eithne

6. Birch

5. Peridot

4. Sharpay (unless you want your child's name to mean "wrinkled skinned dog")

3. Dolce

2. Passion

1. Cassiopeia

There you have it, the most ridicules names I have ever herd.


JenLyn said...

i still think Brock would be an amazing name
Brock Lee
ha ha

You should have a jonathan lee jr?

kayellen said...


I know when we were picking out names for our kiddos...we had weird grandpa and great grandpa names we stayed away from...Julius, Virgil, Kirmit and Elwood!