Monday, August 25, 2008

6 weeks

 Not feeling so good today. I woke up in teror because our abnoctionly lound home alarm went off when Jon accendetally forgot to turn it off when he let the dog out.  I was really worried at first because Jon NEVER forgets to turn it off. Me on the other hand have made it go off twice already.

  So I had my Monday plan laid out as always on Mondays, but when I started to clean the kitchen, the dirty dishes were making me sick. So I started to fold laundry, and while I was doing that the cat thought it was a game so he undid everything I did. I started looking around and got really tired and overwhelmed by looking at the house that was in complete disrepair from the Crusades and camp. 

Jon called later in the day, and I told him how I was feeling, and being the sweet husband he is, he said not to worry about it and not to worry about dinner because he was going to take care of it. So I decided that I would do things that wouldn't be a big deal like doing bills so I did that, and few other easy things, and have not had the strength, nor stamina to anything since. I hate not getting anything done, but we have been so busy lately that I think it is my body telling me I need it.

On other news, my Dr. appointment is on Friday, so I will update on any new news. 


JenLyn said...

I am praying for you giys
especially you and the baby Alyssa
I hope that you feel better soon.

A day in the life of us said...

It gets better, I promise! :)