Wednesday, August 20, 2008

5 weeks....I think...

A lot has happened in a week. We went to the crusade all weekend, and after that, off to Jr. high camp. I was really worried about Jon and how busy he has been, and would be with our CRAZY week. Jon had to be at the crusade every night and on Monday he had to be at the church at 6:30 am (yes, AM) but, like a pro he handled it really well. All said, and done, the camp was a HUGE success. We had a much smaller group, which made it nice.

Well, on to the 5th week of pregnancy. Things are changing rapidly, the last couple weeks have brought the normal symptoms, other than feeling sick. That has changed a little bit this week. It seems that foods that I'm used to either taste AMAZING, or not the same at all. I am really sad to say coffee is in that category. I am only allowed to have one, or two cups, but I am really not enjoying it like I use to(shed a tear). I smell EVERYTHING, some good, and some make me want to vomit. We went to Olive Garden, and were waiting outside for our table, when an old woman walked by with her old woman perfume, I am not even kidding, I almost threw up I started gaging.

Speaking of Olive Garden, I think that is my pregnancy food. We have been there 3 times this month. A few years ago, Dirk and Alicia turned my on to dipping the bread sticks into the Italian dressing. It is AMAZING and I crave it almost everyday. I usually get the grilled balsamic vinaigrette. This habit needs to come to a slowdown because it is getting expensive. I am going to start cooking dishes from their website to ease on the costs.

Jon has been AMAZING! I have been super moody and emotional, but he has been so patient. I have been useless due to the fatigue I am so tired, really hope this doesn't last the whole pregnancy. 

So far thats all thats new with us. We have some "normal" time coming up, (meaning Jon will just work as normal) which I want to paint some time in the very near. I just ordered a sample pain color from Restoration Hardware. It's a bit expensive, but my plan is to get it color matched at Home Depot. 

Looking forward to the near and far future.

For now, it's time for bed. Goodnoght.


Kristin said...

Well the tiredness and barely having enough energy to get out of bed I know for a fact goes away as soon as you enter into your 2nd trimester! Pretty much all symptoms go away in your 2nd trimester, but will return in the 3rd. As for figuring out what your due date is... your doctor will take the first day of your last period and then count 40 weeks from there. Walllaa there is your due date :)
Have you picked a doctor yet?

Alicia said...

Okay I know I'm super cheesy and I totally know that you meant to write habit but I was seriously and still am laughing out loud at this: "This hobbit needs to come to a slowdown because it is getting expensive." It sounds like you're calling the baby a hobbit. I know you're probably rolling your eyes I don't know why I found it so funny :-P

Jon and alyssa said...

Yes, Dr. Carstans, my mom really likes him.

Thanks Alicia, I fixed it.

Pam said...

MMM Olive Garden! I'm not even pregnant and I could eat it everyday! My fave is to dip the breadsticks in their alfredo sauce! Definitely a must try!

Jon and alyssa said...

Don't get me even more hooked than I am now. ;o)

The Hanes Fam said...

So funny, my favorite dish at the Olive Garden was one of the first things that made me nauseous!! Even today, it still makes my stomach turn to even think about eating it. Gotta love their endless soup, salad and breadsticks for lunch though. Glad to hear you're doing well!

This was my favorite pregnancy calendar:

Just enter in your info and it well tell you what's happening everyday. Very cool!

Darcy said...

Some of those smells that make you sick and nauseous now in your pregnancy, might not leave even after the baby is born. LOL.

To this day, and my girls are 8 and the other will be 4 this next weekend, I can't stand some smells. :)

As for being so tired, and grumpy, that will go away towards the end of the 1st trimester. The emotions...won't go away until about a month after the baby is born.

Just's all normal and all of us with children have survived it, and you will too!