Friday, August 15, 2008

Big News

Well, as many of you may know, I am pregnant! I have known since Sunday night when I not feeling "normal." So I took the test and it gave a vague positive result. When I showed Jon, he was not convinced, he said it was not clear enough. We put it on the bathroom counter and for got about it for about 10 min. When I came back and looked at it, it could not have been any more positive. It took a few hours for it to set in for both of us. We kept going in the bathroom to see if it was REALLY positive. It was. I even took another one the next morning to be REALLY sure.
We are really excited to see what the Lord has in store for us, not only as a married couple, but now as parents. It is a new chapter in our lives that we welcome, and are looking forward to.
I am feeling fine, I am on an emotional rollercoaster, and constanly tired. What used to be a 20 minuiet cat nap has turned into an hour and a half deep sleep. I want to eat EVERYTHING in sight, but other than that, I am doing great!
Keep us, and all of Harvest in your prayers as we have a busy next couple of weeks. The Harvest Crusade is this weekend and we (like always) really look forward to it, and seeing what the Lord will do. This year is paticularly special because of all the Laruie family has gone through this summer with the loss of their son. Chris, and all the design team put so much work into the crusade as aleways, and it is always such a blessing to see what this years design, or stage design will look like from year to year. Our church is really blessed to have such a talented team of designers, and we will truly miss Chris, but are comforted by the peach that we will see him again.
You can watch the crusdae live online.


Darcy said...

Congratulations again Alyssa...and Jon! :)

You're right, parenting opens up a whole new chapter for your loves! It's amazing!

acreswell said...

I saw your blog through Natalee's...

so pretty much...CONGRATS! you guys are seriously going to have the cutest baby ever!