Monday, August 4, 2008

It's Monday!

 There is something about Monday that is so refreshing!  I know alot of people are not crazy about mondays, but I really enjoy them.  My mom is a huge fan of Mondays, and the more I think about it, so am I.  It could be starting a new week, or having the feeling that things will get done that didn't get done last week. I will generally write a list over the weekend of things that need to get done in the week to come.  

On a normal Monday, I consider it my cleaning and grocery shopping day. I like to wash the bedsheets and do a little more deep down cleaning than I would usually do, such as dusting, and vacuuming the house. The bathroom usually gets done first because it is so easy, I can get it done really fast.  Then on to the kitchen, which take a bit more time. then the dinningroom/ Livingroom, and then finishing the bedrooms.  It is nice to get the house done on Monday because Jon's day off is Tuesday, and it's nice not to have to worry about the house.

 This Monday is especially important because the Harvest Crusade is next week, and the day after Jon and I head up to the mountains for our Jr. high retreat. So needless to say, a lot needs to get done. My goal: to make thing as easy as possible for and extremely stressful week.  i.e. Having all the laundry done and the house as "clutter free" as possible. 

Even though I enjoy Mondays, I don't always enjoy the cleaning. So, yesterday I went to get some cleaning product to "motivate" me. I got Clorox Clean up with Bleach, and 409 kitchen cleaner with lemon(another Clorox product).  I know people are getting iffy about the chemical smell, and turning to the green products. But.... While shopping I smelled them, and not to say they don't do what there suppose to, but I associate that chemical smell with a clean house. For example, I use the 409 in the kitchen counters, sink and the stove. Then when mopping I use the Mr. Clean with fabreeze. It smells AMAZING, and when I'm done, it's like a marker telling me that end of the house it done. Even when Jon comes home, he walks though the back door and doesn't even look around, but smells the house and says, "oh, the house is clean."

Now that I am done rambling, I need to get back to work and finish my Monday list.  :o)



Alicia said...

Sounds like you are having a great Monday. I wish I could be that motivated on Mondays!!!

Just FYI Clorox's Green Works products are actually really good. I tried some other organic stuff and you're right, they don't smell like anything or they don't smell good. Sometimes I wonder if it's just water in the darn bottle. Anyway, I tried Clorox's new Green Works and it smells really good!!! I love 409 too but Dirk is really sensitive to the fumes (he starts coughing like crazy) so I can only use that stuff when he's not gonna be home for awhile. The Green Works makes your house smell fresh and clean without the "choking." I still can't bring myself to use it in the bathroom because I'm not fully convinced it disinfects well. I use it in the kitchen and then I use the Clorox anywhere hard surface sanitizing spray which disinfects but is also safe for food.

Okay that was way too much information, all to say that if you ever need something more gentle Clorox Green Works does work. Maybe for when you have kids ;)

Jenni and Adam said...

I know my Mondays are always stinky...I am so tired from the weekend and have no motivation to start getting on with my busy week...Tuesday, now thats a good day of the week!