Thursday, December 2, 2010

Sweet Water...

I am really trying to correct a lot of things from my last pregnancy with this pregnancy. Like what I eat, going on walks to get the blood pumping (I HATE working out), resting whenever possible, the normal stuff.

But one of my least favorite things to do is drink water. I'm not a big liquid drinker in general, but I just really don't like water. I sip everything so the idea that I need to drink at the minimum 64 ounces of water a day is so overwhelming to me. Every time I guzzle down water I literally feel like I'm drowning. I would much rather have a big glass of iced tea with 2 sweet & lows. But being that I am also keeping caffeine to a minimum, that's not the best thing for me.

I have throughout my life noticed the effect the lack of liquids has on my body. My hands swell at night (pregnant or not) I get tired easily when doing strenuous thing, I don't really ever sweat dry skin, and lips. The list goes on. But all that has changed.

Around thanksgiving I heard a way not to over eat is to drink lots of water, and especially during your meal in between bites. Yes, you are probably saying, "Duh!" but I found that information quite helpful. So I put it into action.

I think I have mentioned before that we have quite a few nalgene water bottles that we use, and the thing that I like about them, is they all hold 32 ounces of water. So if you fill it and drink 2 of those, you have your daily requirement done. Being that I found the easiest way to guzzle water for me has been at room temp, I fill it (we also invested in a nice water dispenser a few years ago) up before bed, for the next morning. I drink it throughout the morning (which has also lowed the amount of coffee I drink) and when it is done I fill it to sit out for the afternoon, and drink it the second half of the day. I really try to drink it all my 6pm or I'd be going to the bathroom all night long.

Since I started this a week ago, I have noticed a few things... For starters, the first few days was horrible on my bladder, I would literally go every 5 minutes, but it's not like that anymore. I have a bit more energy which is nice. I don't feel like I have to sleep when Adah takes a nap. I am not eating out of boredom. It helps fill me up when I'm eating. I was at Starbucks today to see my mom and grandma, and I had no desire to get anything! It was amazing! I feel healthy. But, this is the biggest, and I really don't know if it has anything to do with the water drinking, but my BP at the doctors was in the normal range, and today I took it and it was 115 over 73! I haven't seen that low of a reading in a year and a half.

All the web sites I found all say the same thing about water and it's benefits. I am really hoping to keep up with this.


Alicia said...

You go girl! I have such a hard time drinking water too! Do you like sparkling water? That's been helping me to drink water more frequently and has replaced most of my soda intake. I love the orange flavor. I do know that mineral waters have some sodium in them so you may need to check that but Arrowhead's sparkling water is usually pretty inexpensive and doesn't have any sodium in it. I'm addicted to that stuff!

Darcy said...

Good for you Alyssa!

I love water. Big time water drinker.

One suggestion for you to mix things up...thinly slice a cucumber and put a few slices into your water. OH MY GOODNESS it's yummy!!!

Jon and alyssa said...

Alicia, I'm slowly getting into sparkling water. I can't drink it plane, but I have had the orange flavor, and it is pretty good! Funny thing is, Adah LOVES sparkling water.

Darcy, I love cucumber in my water, and thanks for reminding me I can do it at home. That sounds so good!

Kristin said...

If you keep count of your protein intake, it will also keep the swelling away and your blood pressure down. You should right down everything and make sure you are getting 80 grams of protein a day. Here is a great site for a pregnancy diet for avoiding Pre-E.

Kristin said...

oops I mean write. I really need to re read things before I post.