Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Bed, and Bath time.

We have had a tiring week, this past week. And the funny thing is we haven't really done anything. It is all because of Adah. We have always the type of people that we don't let her dictate our schedule. Not to say she doesn't have a schedule, but if I want to go hang with Jon on Friday night at Jr. High, we will do it. We strive to be flexible, yet consistent.

This last Friday night, I decided Adah and I would stay home. That way she could to bed on time, and I could get some things done around the house. By 7 o'clock, she was looking like she could go to sleep anytime. My parents came over and she almost fell asleep in her arms. This was promising, so when they left we did our bed time retinue. We got her bed ready, say and read a story, grabbed her (flavor of the month) favorite bear, and baby, and rocked for a few minutes. Then I laid her in her bed. Again, completely routine. But that night was completely different. She WOULD NOT GO TO SLEEP! I was so frustrated.

Jon got home shortly after 10, and was surprised to see her still up. Normally when he comes home late like that, he'll grab something to eat, and then we will slowly head to bed. We were up until after 11 trying to get her to sleep. It was maddening. You would expect this with a baby, but we have had smooth sailing with her and sleep for nearly 6 months, and it has been so nice.

We just thought she was having an off night, because nothing was leading us to believe she had anything wrong with her, she wasn't even really crying that hard, it was more of a whimper. Unfortunately the was the first of three nights like that where she would not go to bed. And naps were almost as hard. She would eventually nap from sheer exhaustion. She has finally settled back into her normal routine, but boy that was tiring!

Another thing that has been weird, is she all the sudden LOVES baths. Baths have been such a struggle since the day she was born. The last few months I have just showered her with me because that she can tolerate.

I don't even known when this started, but she loves them! We were at my parents house over the weekend, and she was in the bathroom with me and saw the bath. She said bath, bath, and started taking her clothes off. We were there in the morning, so she hadn't had her bath yet so I just gave it to her there.

She is growing up so fast. It's weird how I would do things for her all the time and now she is doing them herself, like feeding herself cereal in the mornings. Crazy!


Kim said...

I love your blog Alyssa I love reading about other people's "kid" stories. My kids have done that to where they all of the sudden will wake up every night for like a week with no is so hard. I'm glad she is back into her routine. We are the same way with our kids as far as a schedule. When we are home we are super scheduled but I am able to break the schedule at anytime and stay our late with them or skip naps if I have to. amd they totally are fine. They just need more sleep the next day. Which is what is the best about home schooling:)

Kim said...

wow just re-read my comment and saw all the typos....sorry I guess it's getting late ;)