Sunday, October 25, 2009

4 Years Ago

 While cleaning I came across a disc that pictures from my wedding shower were on. It doesn't feel like much time has passed, but so much has changed since then. 


Debbi and Misti. This was the first time I met Misti. The Wiggins were new to our church from Chicago.

Alicia (my MOH) and her Mom Charlene

Me and my Mother-in-law Charla

Alicia, our mothers, and I

Maggie (bridesmaid, and childhood friend), our moms, and I

Opening gifts

Abbie (my sister) Maddi, and Jordan

The Food!

She was so little!

The decor

More Food!


Alicia said...

Wow! Everyone looks so young, including us. What great memories. Time has just flown by. I love your new header pic by the way. Too cute!

kayellen said...

What fun memory photos!

You had such a beautiful Fall a Mommy too!

God is so good!!

Your Daughter is adorable!!!