Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Apples to Apples

 When we first looked at our house one of the huge buying points for me was the huge (and landscaped) backyard. After we bought it, it was like an adventure trying to find out what types of plants, and trees were in the yard and how to care for them. 
 Shortly after moving into the house we discovered that the smallest tree in the yard was an apple tree. It even had small apples growing in. But that's as far as it got. The apples never got any bigger, and eventually fell off. I didn't really care, I was still so excited that we even had an apple tree, and knew there was always next year.
 With the pregnancy, and winter being so cold, I forgot about the apple tree, in the seance of losing the excitement of the anticipated apples that would soon grow in. I honestly forgot about most of our fruit plants in the backyard this spring, and missed allot of good lemons. But, a few weeks ago, I looked out our window and saw the apple tree with much bigger apples than had grown in last year.

And this is what I found. Much larger apples scattered all over the tree. There are so many more then there were last year.

 Them today I, again looked out the bedroom window and saw that they were starting to turn red. This whole time I thought they were Granny Smith apples. I still haven't done any research about the apples, or how to care for them. I am just watering them faithfully.
 The apple on the right is being pecked by the birds, so I'm going to have to figure out how to stop that. Going up the 5 freeway, I noticed on the produced trees that they tie metallic string to the branches. Maybe I'll try that.
 And there is another type of apples here. I like to call it, The Apple of My Eye. I know, really cheesy, but they are really cute! 

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Darcy said...

Yes, Foil or metallic shiny things detract the birds from landing on the tree. You can string foil curling ribbon on the branches.

And if you get so many you want to get rid of some, let me know! Rachel LOVES apples!