Thursday, December 18, 2008

Cold, Cold, Cold!

I have been consistently cold for the past week! My feet mostly but last night when Jon was at church I was so cold that I put on my pea coat, and sat and watched TV. The heat was on I had blankets, but nothing was doing the trick.
Jon, who is always hot blooded, asked if I would get us some flannel sheets for our bed. I was shocked! I said could you please record that for me. Every winter season I ask Jon if I could get flannel sheets, and he ALWAYS says, NO! So I'm jumping on this one.
It is so cold that I lit one of my jar candles this afternoon, and the glass cracked because it was so cold.
How are all of you keeping warm?


Kristin said...

Oh man give it a couple more weeks and you will get so over heated. Once your little girl gets big enough it will be like you are carrying around a oven. In the last week I am so hot all the time I have been wearing tshirts out in 40 degree weather.

Kim said...

I know Vince hates flannel sheets too. I always want to get some every year but he says no way:) I'm always cold too! I just layer clothes...drink a warm drink...blow dry my feet if they are really cold..... Lately after i'm done cooking dinner in the kitchen I'll leave the oven on and open up the door. It warms the kitchen really good:) There's a few ideas!!

Robyn said...

I have the same problem. I am always cold and my husband isn't. I put on lots of layers, including socks and slippers.